Bouddhanath Stupa in Kathmandu


Among the most popular sites of the Buddhists in the city of Khatmandu in Nepal Boudhanath is also present. Khatmandu is the capital of Nepal and this site is the major attraction for both the tourists and the pilgrims. The site is situated in the suburbs of Khatmandu city towards the east of the centre of the city. Boudhanath and its stupa which is about 36 meters in height can easily be seen from any distant place.


It is said that Boudhanath was actually built on some of the ancient route to Tibet that was used for trade. The site was the one where the merchants often stopped and used to pray. Most of the legends say that it appears as if it dates back almost about fifth century A.D.


According to some legend who is related to early stages of Boudha, there was a woman who the King of hers for donating the land for the sake of building this stupa. She was promised by the King that he would give a piece of land that will be equal to almost about skin of a buffalo. At that time a skin of a buffalo was cut by the woman into very thin stripes and she spanned them over a vast area in the form of a circle and consequently the King had no option but to grant that land to the woman for the sake of building the requested stupa. The stupa is known as Boudhanath now. It is also said that the stupa contains remains of some sage.


Watchful eye is kept on the visitors by eyes of Buddha that are painted and present on four of the sides of a tower that is present over this stupa. One, a Nepali number, is painted between these eyes which is actually the symbol that depicts unity. A Third eye which is present above these eyes actually symbolizes wisdom. A pyramid having 13 steps is present above this square tower which represents the path towards enlightenment. This pyramid is actually topped by using some gilded spire and gilded canopy as well. The prayer flags of the Buddhist are present all around this stupa. These flags are very colorful and carry all the prayers, which have been printed on these flags, to the heaven.


There are the representations of almost about one hundred and eight forms of the Avalokiteshvara, all around this stupa. This also related much closely to the Boudha. The Mantra of the Avalokiteshvara is also carved on the prayer wheels that are present around this stupa.

If you are a busy person then the best time for you to visit the Boudhanath is the time of dusk. At this time there are hundreds of the devotees who walk in the clockwise direction around this stupa and perform kora. They also spin the prayers wheels while they pass by these wheels releasing their prayers. Many of the pilgrims walk around the stupa making their way slowly and prostrate on ground.


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