Buddha Airlines


Buddha Air is one of the Prominent Domestic Airlines in Nepal. Founded in 1997, it has grown from a one-aircraft transportation company to a domestic airlines with an endless list of achievements. Buddha Air flies on all the major destinations and tourist spots in Nepal, connecting all the major cities. Buddha Air, also referred to as the Family Airlines of Nepal, has a very expert crew, with all of the Commander Pilots with over 4000 flight hours. Its in-flight hospitality has won it numerous awards from the UN, the Pacific Asia Travel Association and the Government of Nepal. With a total of around 100 Crew members and a team consisting of a chief pilot, 8 senior and 5 junior pilots, 7 captains, 4 senior and 1 junior co pilot, Buddha Air has one of the best flying team in Nepal.




Buddha Air operates out of Kathmandu's Tribhuvan international Airport terminal, with all its aircrafts using the Airport haul as the night stops. It presently connects the cities of Kathmandu, Bhadarpur, Bhairahawa, Biratnagar, Dhangadi, Pokhara, Nepalgunj and Janakpur; connecting the country's nine most important tourist hubs. Buddha Air also has a special tour known as the Everest Experience, covering all the major mountain ranges of the Himalayas, and the Mount Everest. Buddha Air also has an manageable fleet of 5 Beechcraft 1900 and 3 ATR 42.




Buddha Air always insures its Passengers and baggage, but has an astounding record of never ever having any insurance claim, which in itself is a testimony to its quality of service. Nonetheless, all passengers are insured by the Buddha Air.



The Buddha Air introduced their own Royal Club, in which frequent flyers were given the opportunity to earn frequent flyer miles, which can be redeemed for ticket concessions, free tickets and holidays depending upon the amount. Also, the Royal Club lays out the fundamental policy of Buddha Air that guarantees full refund on demand in cases of flight cancellations due to bad weather.




Buddha Air has undertaken a lot of programs for the upliftment of the economic and social picture of Nepal. Its agriculture extension program to help the small scale farmers has been widely recognized. Buddha Air has introduced new technology to the farmers, and has helped them get the right value for their production by starting SABS or Smallholder Agribusiness Support, which has a number of objectives like minimizing the farmer debt, introducing the crop banking facilities and cold storages and to help farmers link directly to their customers by cutting out the middleman. It does so by helping the farmers support each other by surpluses, and offering a highly concessional rate of interest of 12% instead of the going rate of 60% in the market.



Buddha Air publishes its in-flight magazine called Yatra. Yatra has gained quite the reputation for its coverage on range of topics from lifestyle to politics; specially of the Indian subcontinent. Yatra has also helped spread the words about the Philanthropic activities the Buddha Air undertakes, also known as Buddha Initiatives.

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