How to get to Butwal ?

Butwal city is one of the main cities of Nepal which is located in Lumbini province. It is also called one of the most important strategic points for trade and market. It has easy access to the open borders with India. It functions as a trade route of Nepal. The highways connect it to the Northern and Southern part of Nepal . It has become a trade centre with a lot of market areas, supermarkets and business opportunities. Similarly, it is the third largest financial estate after Kathmandu and overlooks all the financial and real estate transactions in the city. It is about 119 km between Chitwan to Butwal.

Throughout history, Butwal has served as a great connecting city to the terrains of Terai and the kingdom of Awadh. It played a significant role in the British annexation of Awadh and boasts tales of bravery of their kings , mainly king Ujurshing.

The city of Butwal, whose population grew from a mere 26,824 in 1991 to a staggering 3,71,884 in 2008 has progressed multi dimensionally when compared to the other small townships of the country. Most of the population consists of Tribal people, who have been dependent on Butwal for their trade and commerce for a long time. There is also a constant flow of tribal immigration from other towns and hilly villages. The majority of the population is Hindu and there is a considerable Muslim population from the Terai region.

Apart from its major role in the enhancement of trade in Nepal, Butwal has also acted as a great center for education. It is one of the well renowned education hubs of the Lumbini zone of Nepal, with some reputed colleges, a few private colleges and a number of schools. It also boasts on the performance of students with an average score better than anywhere in the country. With a number of educational institutions giving opportunities of higher studies in Engineering, Medicine, Fine Arts and Commerce and Management, Butwal functions as a viable option for healthcare to the rural hilly areas neighboring the city. Like others, Butwal also capitalizes on the great industry of tourism. The major attractions in Butwal include the hill park, the Siddha Baba temple and the museum.

The Butwal Hill Park, serving as a garden of heritage for the Gurung tribe (mainly businessmen) is the major tourist center in Butwal. Located out of the proper city limits in Deepnagar, this garden gives a magnificent view of the Butwal city as a whole. Along with the temples, there is a Chaitya Vihar, a number of mosques and churches which symbolize the unity of the community in Butwal.

Butwal also acts as the main media hub in southern Nepal, with a number of FM stations and newspapers like Butwal Today. Also, the city has given birth to a number of activists and popular political figures over the years.

There are many hotels for visitors who can stay at a reasonable price. The rate of lodging and food is cheaper than other parts . While visiting Lumbini , the birthplace of Gautam Buddha, you have to go through this city.