Climbing the Annapurna


Annapurna is a huge massif which ranks tenth amongst the tallest mountains in the world. River Kali Gandaki separates Annapurna Mountains from the great gorger which slices through the Himalayas. Trekking to Annapurna Mountain brings the tourists close to nature. The trek is considered to be a remarkable combination of being highly adventurous and spiritually soothing. The Annapurna mountain range is an array of peaks in the Himalayas. You will find glaciers on the north-western and western slopes of the mountain that drain into this gorge.


The term “Annapurna” is a Sanskrit word which means “Goddess of the Harvests” or more popularly the “provider”. The best part of the Annapurna-I is that it was the first eight thousand m peak that was climbed. It stayed the highest summit for more than three years. Another thing that needs to be noted is that higher climbs were made previously but then these climbs don’t count in any way.


Dougal Haston and Don Whillans were the first to conquer the south face of Annapurna I in the year 1970.


The Annapurna massif comprises of six major peaks that are above 7,200 m. these include-


Annapurna I            8,091 m

Annapurna II          7,937 m

Annapurna III        7,555 m

Annapurna IV        7,525 m

Gangapurna             7,455 m

Annapurna South  7,219 m


April and May are considered to be the best months for climbing the Annapurna. The best place to start off with is Pokhara, Nepal. The nearest airport is Pokhara or Jomson accordin to the routes you want to follow. The avalanches are the greatest enemies that may prevent you from climbing the Annapurna. Evidences suggest that the avalanches have taken the lives of innumerable climbers who had previously attempted to reach the highest point. The possibilities of inhospitable and severe climatic conditions are pretty high. Over and above, regular snowfalls and extreme cold are also expected.


Dhaulagiri is located extremely opposite to Annapurna. In fact, between these two eight-thousanders you will find the trekking route from Pokhara to Jomsom that runs through one of the deepest valley on earth. The beauty of this area is perfectly stunning.


If you think that climbing mountains as well as conquering peaks is not your cup of tea, but you still want to go there and witness the remarkable scenery, then the Annapurna circuit is best suited for you.

It is a famous name for three hundred km trek surrounding the Annapurna mountain chains in the Himalayas. The trek attains an altitude of 5,300 metres on the Thorung La pass, and touches the edge of the enchanted Tibetan plateau. Some of the ideal features that make this mountain a beautiful place to visit include-


The splendid mountain scenery

Annapurna 8,091 metres

the outstanding ice pyramid Dhauligiri 8,167 metres, ( once home to the legendary Buddhist guru Padmasamba)

Machhupuchhare 6,993 metres


Well, these are only a couple of things that you need to take into consideration when it comes to climbing Annapurna. So, familiarize yourself with this information and see how it helps you out.



trek in Annapurna

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