Climbing the Everest


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Climbing the Everest is not a cakewalk, but then with the right tips and tricks at your hand you can make your journey a bit simpler. Here we go-


Be sure that you are mentally prepared for a summit. To be more specific, you need to first identify the reason for which you need to climb Mount Everest. Don’t go in for a perfunctory reason as it will in no way work when it comes to climbing Everest.


Be sure that you are physically active. Ensure increasing your fitness level. You can go in for anything and everything like-


running on both flat terrain and hills

weight lifting

climbing with a heavy backpack

long periods of walking with a heavy backpack


when it comes to climbing the Everest, you need to have the needed technical skills and knowledge at your hand. Once you think that you have learned about the skills for climbing the mountains, go ahead with your idea. You can start off with the average prominent mountains and then slowly proceed towards the ultra prominent ones.


Make sure you choose the best of all expedition company during your physical climbing and training. Don’t go in for any expedition company that comes your way, instead you can go in for the ones that has ample years of experience and is known for its successful track record. By hiring the services of a reliable expedition company you are sure to come up with a reliable guide. In fact, you can enhance your chances of a successful summit by opting for a good guide.


Ensure purchasing a minimum of $50000 in the form of medical insurance, after all, who knows when you will be in need of it. check with your life insurance company and find out with it covers risky activities or not. it would be advisable on your part to go for the companies which helps you financially in case of high risk situations.


It would be better if you plan your trip for the spring, because the peak trekking hours are during the months of May, April and March. However, before you plan your trip you need to obtain a clear understanding about the weather as well as weather systems. It is true that the expedition leader will help with the weather decisions but then your decision also matters when it comes to climbing the Himalayas.


You need to be prepared for prolonged periods of acclimatizing. It can last from a couple of weeks to a couple of months. You cannot climb the Mount Everest unless and until you have the adequate number of red blood cells.


You need to plan your trip well in advance, say before six months to a year or so.

These are a couple of steps that you need to take into consideration so as to climb Mount Everest with ease. This is indeed a serious adventure and it would be unwise on your part to consider it as a adventure vacation.


Climbing the Everest


Mount Everest obviously is the dream of many to scale its heights. It is such an arduous task that one would endanger his or her life upon it completely. The complexity of many situations in practical life are colloquially compared and referred to the toughness in climbing the Mount Everest as it is a remarkable feat to be carried out.  Unless until you are best fit as far as your health conditions are concerned and also you do have enough expertise in mountain climbing or trekking activities since so many years you cannot try mount Everest.  You should have definitely tried with smaller ranges in your mountain climbing career so far and must have proven track record in your past to put up yourself into this venture. Otherwise which it is just suicidal attempt what would not be appreciated by anyone in you doing so irrespective of your guts and mental toughness?


The height of the Mount Everest as well as the serious weather conditions over here is a serious threat to those who want to climb up.  There were threats from localities about the snow man living up in the Mount Everest posing danger to the lives of people who climb upon it.  You can just least bother about these good old legends as there is no fool proof evidence for something which was being in claim for so many centuries now. If there is a real snow man or yeti as such and have been viewed by so many people as per the so many reports made since centuries then it should have been all proved now about its existence.  It had never happened all now. What all is to be done before you even think of climbing mount Everest is a serious matter to analyze and let us see that in detail from now.


First and foremost part is to get yourself insured in broad spectrum as there is no guarantee literally that you will return. This is said very point blank keeping in mind about the death statistics associated with the endeavor.  Oxygen canisters are very vital for your task and you should get the ample and preserve them with reserves. As much amount of food as possible in different forms planning according to your climbing schedules is vital. 


  You should know basic health care during mountaineering. For example you should be having adequate amount of high calorie energy bars, candies and biscuits to compensate for the enormous amount of calories burnt in a single day while climbing. Around 5800 calories would be burnt in a day and you won’t feel hungry out here in these heights. So if you do not balance out the loss it would end up in serious difficulties.  You should take care in priority about certain things like jogging habits and increasing your weight etc., well knit mountain climbing equipment should be in your reserve before you kick start your journey ahead. You should be prepared for facing hallucinations at higher altitudes. This is common.

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