Everest Mountain Flight


The Everest Mountain Flight last an hour from Kathmandu airport and is always early in the morning because the sky is usually more clear at this period of the day. The Everest flight is offered by domestic airlines (Guna, Buddha and Yeti) for about 180$. This flight flies on the North East of Nepal along the majestic Himalayan ranges. You are able to view the 8 highest peaks of the Himalayas with this flight and after going around in this flight you will get a rough idea of the magnificent mountain ranges of the Himalayans. Of course, the sky must be clear to enjoy the great view of Everest.


The Everest Mountain flight is intended for the traveler who believe their physical fitness is not accurate to explore Himalayan ranges on foot. But this flight is also done for travelers that are seeking for incredicle point of view of the highest mountain of the world. It might be the only chance a get that close to this well known mountain of the world. Flying around the snow capped mountains is very inspiring and gives you a thrilling experience. There are many visitors that visit Nepal every year and this is the reason why these Everest Mountain flights are so popular today. They offer the travelers and the tourist’s regular and periodic flights that help them to get a better and closer view of the mountains.


The Mountain flights can be enjoyed by people any time of the year but the ideal time to opt for these flights is from February to April and October to November. This period is considered to be the prime time to enjoy the mountain flights of Nepal. The weather is clear and therefore the flights to Everest are usually not cancelled because of the clouds over the Himalaya. The Mountain flights are offered by the different Domestic Airlines in Kathmandu and they usually operate small domestic flights at economical and reasonable rates. The flight makes you take a close view of the tallest peak of the Himalayan region and this is the reason why they are popular today.


The popular airlines that are providing Mountain flights are Agni Air, Buddha Flight, Cosmic Air, Guna Airlines, Mountain Air, Yeti Airlines, Shangrita Air and Gorkha Airlines. You have the option to reserve your seat on any of the above airlines. When you are flying in a mountain flight you can experience the thrills of flying over glaciers and summits of the majestic Himalayan range. This experience is very close to a religious experience for some and you get the feeling that cannot be forgotten in your lifetime. During your flight you can view Shisha Pangma, Dorje Lakpa, the Phurbi-Ghyachu, the Choba-Bhamare, the spiritual Gauri-Shanker, Melungtse, Chugimago, Numbur, Karyolung, Cho-Oyu, Pumori, Thamserku, Nuptse, and of course "Everest".


When you are on a Mountain Flight the passengers are at times allowed to visit the small cockpit where the pilot of the plane identifies the peaks of interest. The pilot also provides you with a guided tour with information on the mountain peaks. You are allowed to take photographs and view most of the areas. One of the most photographed peaks in Nepal is the Sagarmatha and it is known to be the highest point on the earth. It draws the most attention among the tourists and the travelers of most of the Mountain flights in Nepal.


If you are visiting Nepal you should get on a Mountain flight and get a breath taking view of the majestic Himalayan peaks. This Everest Mountain flight is a wonderful experience and this is the reason why you and your family should try it out. You can easily book a mountain flight in Thamel n one of the numerous travel agency for about 180$ for this flight.























Festivals of Nepal:


February/march:  Maha Shivaratri, Holi (Phagu Poornima), Losar


March/April: Sri Panchami, Chaite, Dashain, Ram Nawami, Ghode Jatra


April/May:  Navavarsha  (Nepalese New Year), Buddha Jayanti/Baisak Poornima)


June/July: Dumji


July/august: Krishnaastami, Janai Poornima, Gaijatra (One of the most fascinating festivals of Nepal takes place during this month for 8 days. People makes jokes, satires and comedies of all kinds. Although this festival is celebrated across Nepal, it has a particular enthusiasm in Kathmandu Valley)

August/september: Indrajatra, Teej 


September/october: Dasahin (The biggest festival of Nepal, celebrated on a 15 days period)


October/November: Tihar (Light festival, celebrated for 5 days)


November/December:  Chath Parba, Vivaha Panchami,  Bala Chaturdasi




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