Gorkha facts


Gurkha war Guru Goraknath a very prominent  hindu warrior as well as saint of the eighteenth century. He is one of the best of his times in his adroit skills and talent in intellectual combat as a soldier. His courage and sheer fighting tricks and tactics made everyone to put him in a high position of reverence as a leader to teach many youngsters about all the skills he knew. He became a Guru, means a teacher for many higher class youngsters in the community.


One among them is bappa rawal who is a prince as well as a descendant of the Rajput dynasty. It is this person who later on became the prime disciple of goraknath and gotten the name of first gorkha in the history. Actually in the language of Sanskrit an Aryan manuscript Gor kha just means to say cow protector. It was goraknath who got this name as a hindu saint of the Aryan descendant and given the name of gorkha to his first disciple.  This happened when goraknath and all his disciples were once in a long travel into the deepwoods, the boys went to play in the chilling out hours of travel. Even during such occasions, this guy bappa rawal was just beneath the guru and ensuring his protection while he is so engrossed in deep meditation.


The guru goraknath on noticing this attitude of the royal prince bappa rawal, as a note of deep appreciation for his dedication gave him a khirki  or a sort of knife as a gift. This is just the similar blade even now the gorkhas of today are carrying as a matter of traditional value as well as security.

As per the advice of the guru bappa rawal prevented the entry of the Muslim invasion even earlier in the eight century itself with his army of gorkhas and protected Afghanistan. The place exactly where he waged war against the Muslims is the Gandhara. As of today this region is called as Kandahar. He went on to capture Iran an Iraq as well as and regarded as the prime most royal gorkha who is a role model to sheer courage and tirelessness exhibited by the today’s descendants. Even thegorkhas waged their own war against the Britishers in the year eighteen hundred and fourteen and the war lasted for four long years. The Britishers were impressed highly on their opponents and recruited them into their BritishIndian national army. Even today there is a separate gorkha force in the british army.


There is a place in Nepal called the gorkha district. Many do have the idea that it is those people who come out of this district of Nepal are called as the gorkhas. But it is actually not so. Gorkhas are the followers of bappa rawal a real warrior of the Rajput descent who moved on to the east further along with his kith and kin and spread the gorkha community even in the eight century.  It is because of these gorkhas densely populated in that district it got the name as gorkha district.

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