When you are touring Nepal you will get to see some of the most breathtaking mountain sights of the Himalayas. There are many places to visit in this beautiful Himalayan abode and one such place that is worth mentioning is the industrial town of Nepal, Hetauda.


Hetauda is a small town and municipality that is the seat of the Makwanpur District in the Narayani Zone in the South of Nepal. During the 1991, Census this town had an estimated population of 53,836 people living in around 10, 420 individual households.


Hetauda is located about 132km from Kathmandu and you need to reach this region via the old Tribhuwan Highway. In order to reach Hetauda now you will get two alternate roads that are less than 80km. These roads have not yet been black topped and the region is enclosed by three famous rivers. These rivers are Rapti to the west, the Samari to the north and the Karra to the south.


Hetauda is one of the most important industrial regions in Nepal. It is believed that this settlement started due to the meeting point of the two major highways of Nepal and they are the Tribhuwan Rajpath and the East-West Highway.


Hetauda is one of the cleanest and greenest cities in Nepal. Due to its geographical features and its climate, it is a very popular area for people who are migrating from the hilly regions of the North to the south.


Hetauda is a doon that means that it has a valley Like geography and it is also surrounded by hills. The hills that surround it are the Mahabharat range in the North and the Siwalik range in the South. The rivers of Rapti, Samari and Karra flow through this region and they go southwest to meet one of the bigger and most popular rivers in the nation.


In order to reach Hetauda you need to drive for an hour from the border city of Birgunj that is adjacent to Raxaul. The other highways that are connected to the capital Kathmandu Tribhuwan and the East West Highway trail through the length of the nation. There are many entry and exit points that lead in and out of Hetauda. This town is all set to grow into a commercial powerhouse if Nepal has the realization to recognize its potential to be one.


Known for its industries, the Hetauda Industrial District is the largest of all the industrial districts that are available in the country. You will not only find big industries in this region but you will also get cottage and medium scale industries here too. In this town you will find mostly working class people living here. The people who reside here are either in companies, industries or in the Government. There are many individual entrepreneurs that are into truck businesses as there are a majority of goods that are plying through Kathmandu through Hetauda.


Along with this town also has cement factory that gets its supply of limestone from the Northern hills of Nepal. The other attraction of Hetauda is the Martyr Memorial Park that was built to honour the martyrs of Nepal.


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