Hiring A Motorbike In Nepal


Nepal is the heaven of the Himalayas but it has one of the hardest road to bike on. Nevertheless, hiring a motorbike in Nepal is a great way to enjoy the country and the incredible view of the highest peak on the planet. If you visit Nepal you not only get the joys of visiting notable sightseeing places but you also can get closer to the mountains and the natural beauty of the place. One of the best way to visit Kathmandu valley and some part of Nepal is via motorcycles. The motorbike ride is a convenient way to travel round the city and some beautifull region of Nepal where the roads are good enough. But be aware that the traffic might be heavy and the roads in very bad conditions. 


When you are hire a motorbike in Nepal it's not a difficult task if you are a traveler. Having your passport and driving license from your native town will help you hiring a motorbike in Nepal easily. When you visit Nepal you will find that there are no International rental agencies in Nepal but you can get motorbikes that are easily available for hiring. The motorbike will also come with a driver so that you do not find any difficulties navigating through the traffic of the city.


When you are hiring a motorbike in Nepal you will find that there are two types of rentals that are available for you. There are some that will help you tour the urban areas and some that will help you travel through rough terrains and specified trails. In order to find a rented bike or a saikal as it is known in Katmandu, you need to go to the main downtown tourist spot of Katmandu called Thamel.


You will find a lot of Indian bikes that are called mountain bikes that are available for traveling. If you are going in for the tough mountain trails you should check the quality of your bike and ensure that it can withstand the pressures and the hardships of the trail. Do not hire a bike that is meant for urban site viewing as they are cheap and not sturdy to withstand the pressures of mountain roads.


When you are hiring a motorbike in Nepal you do not have to spend a lot of money. Motorbike rental in Nepal is cheap and it also gives you an opportunity to get the real feel of the city and the town. Before you hire and select the motorbike for traveling around Nepal you need to check the brakes and the brake pads. It is wise to test the tension on the spokes and ensure that they are taut.


You need to ensure that the tires are reasonably in good condition and they have enough air in them when you sit on the bike. The next thing that you should check is the chain on the bike. You need to ensure that you can work the bike through the gears that function well. If you are going in for travel in Kathmandu you need to get a pollution mask. This will help you to combat the pollution and travel round the area without hassles.


Thus, when you travel in Nepal and want to get a real feel of the place and its people all you need to do is hire a motorbike and travel round the city to experience the real taste of Nepal closely!


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