Kathmandu, capital of Nepal

Katmandu is exotic, crowded and dusty. The first impression is chaos, exotism and dirt. Women walk in the street in Sari while drivers blows their horns to get a way in the narrow streets of Katmandu. Despite this apparent disorder Katmandu bewitches the passenger side by his rustic and Middle-age aspect. There are extraordinary scenes at the turn of a street or an alley. We can then foresee a family eating, a carpenter at work or a person washing himself in a backyard. Each scene lies in its authenticity and reminds us how different life can be in this part of the world.

Many travelers that come in Nepal, see Kathmandu only as polluated and a large city where you have to stay as short as possible. Even if the mountains and adventure tourism is the main reason to come to Nepal, Katmandu is a nice place for several reasons. The district of Thamel is the central point of backpackers traveling in Nepal. In this neighborhood, you can see many tourists taking photos. It is quite surprising to see this cohabitation between tourists from around the world and yet traditional Nepalese.

Enjoy a stay in Kathmandu:

In general, the Nepalese are very friendly, helpful and welcoming. But in Katmandu especially, they remain aware of the difference in living cost standards between Nepal and West. Therefore, when concluding a deal, make sure you set a price. Otherwise, some will try to move on to ask you a little more (sometimes much more) using one or the other pretext. This is the case in Kathmandu in Thamel area.

Travelogue of the Kathmandu airport to downtown:

"I arrived at the airport and an organization was to come get me. When I arrived people shout to me" Are you from Nepal Home "(the body)?" Yes I am ... I go with them and delivered in the car, you ask me $ 20. Yet before I had everything organized and the organization needs to take me for free. The taxi driver insists and his colleague trying to take my money. I decided to give them and leave the taxi immediately. I return to the airport where the TRUE representative was standing with a paper announcing my name. I learned that the usual fare for this journey was about 2-3 euros. "Christina from Brisbane

Travel story in Kathmandu:

A rick-shaw in Kathmandu offered me to make a tour. I told him that I only had 300 RNP and I asked him what he was proposing. A little accustomed to exaggerated claims, I have clearly explained that I had nothing more and he said that for that price it might make a 30-40 minutes. All this for me. Knowing that many want to inflated prices, I réinsister telling him to tell me when 40 minutes would be completed. I suspected that 300 RNP was probably a very good salary for a small tour. We conclude the case and started to explore. On the way I want to tell him I am well pleased but this little ballad that I will go to the bank to get some money for later. I just RNP 300. This is where I began to see manigance. He made a grand tour and every ATM in Kathmandu, he told me to go. With its trick, I told him that I will go later because I have an appointment with a friend. I have insisted that not bad for it takes the road of return. Just before arriving, I prepare my Nepali Rupees 300. He looks at his watch and then tells me that I must give much more because we made 1h30. Even if I find his comment very ugly I'm expecting great deal, I told him that we agreed upon time and price. It is responsible for this time. And I told him to at least 3 times to tell me when the trip covered 300 euros. I went. I find this extremely distasteful attitude dishonest. I believe it is normal that foreigners pay a little more because of the exchange rate. As against, when price is set, it is extremely dishonest to change en route. "


There is no more dishonest person in Nepal. It is simply wanting to make Nepal better part of the tourists.

Many people will approach you. At first very friendly, we will ask you where you come from. You talk a little with them. Then, in about 95% of cases, you will be asked if you are planning a trip. If you say yes, you will quickly dispatch or another. We must understand that one of the great riches of Nepal is tourism. In these circumstances it is not surprising to see people try all out to get customers in their expedition. Their behavior sometimes emphasis is not bad in itself. For those who really want their expedition organized once there, do not seem too interested. The first price offered is often much more than the actual cost of such an adventure. Feel free to ask a few companies in tourism for the same adventure. Will be a strong argument when agency will offer a $ 1,000 trip while his neighbor offers 550 U.S..

Note that you offrera, the most kindly of the world and with professionalism.

Changing money and ATM Kathmandu:

In the district of Thamel, Kathmandu. Many automatic teller machines (ATMs) allow you to withdraw money in Nepalese Rupee. Some ATMs allow withdrawal with Visa, Mastercard with others. It is also possible to withdraw money with the Canadian ATM card (debit card - Cirrus and Plus). Note that in June 2009, Rupees 1000 = approx 10 euros. It also seems possible to have a cash advance on credit card from some banks. The ideal is to bring with you a 300 euros in cash and a little traveler's check.

Internet access in Kathmandu:

Where are most of internet cafe is at the heart of Thamel. Found in this area many places to stay in contact with the outside world. The price is very uniform 100 RNP (1 euro for an hour) Some Internet café in Kathmandu have outdated equipment, while others offer a service impécable. If you have a Skype account, you can easily call your family. For against, before entering, make sure they have the necessary equipment and have SKYPE. Another thing to consider with Internet access in Kathmandu (in Nepal and in general), it often configure the keyboard by adding the french. To do this, you press the right button of the mouse, where you see "EN". For you can press "configure-setting" to add the French language in the repertoire of available keyboards. Another factor to consider is that any time you can cut the current in the capital. Everything goes out and then you lose the text written so far ... Do not send 30 pages of text. It would be unfortunate that when sending a failure occurs! And it happens very often!

Guesthouse Kathmandu:

Kathmandu Peace Guesthouse: Nice rooms in a section of Thamel a little back and allowing more rest. More room to 9-13 U.S.. Price a bit expensive but tranquility guaranteed!

Tibetan Peace Guesthouse: Situated in a slightly decreased by Thamel, the room's quiet and the garden is very pretty. It is very pleasant to have breakfast or something to drink late in the day. Room rates between 5-10 U.S. depending on the season. Note also that at any time, it is possible to attempt to lower the price, especially if you are in low season. So all the hotels are ready to get discounts if vouus stay there some time. For against, remember that what you save is about 1-2 euros. Nepal's economy is heavily focused on tourism, pay 1-2 euros more per night may help sometimes considerably keeper of some hotels, especially in the mountain villages.

Kathmandu Guesthouse: Guesthouse very well known and recognized, Kathmandu Guesthouse is situated in the heart of Thamel.

Features in Kathmandu:

Strolling in Thamel: Zone gathering indisputable tourists from around the world, Thamel is a place are any good with its shops and facilities for travelers.

The temple monkeys (monkey temple):

Bhaktapur: Situated less than 30 minutes from Kathmandu, the place is very pleasant. Most travelers will make a return in the same day. For against, we strongly suggest you to stay overnight to enjoy the afternoon in a charming atmosphere. The tourists are almost non-existent after 15:00 puisquue most decided to return to Kathmandu in the afternoon.

Thamel: Thamel Kathmandu is an interesting place to visit with a number of sites located in the nearby areas.  The Thamel area is where most travelers find their way for accommodation, food, Internet cafés, bookshops, trekking permits and nightlife.  The increasing tourism activity and popularity of Thamel area is well known.  Everything with nightlife happens in the Thamel area.  Today, there are almost 500 lodges and guest houses, nearly double that number of restaurants, bars, shops and agencies crammed into the Thamel area.  Many budget guesthouses and mid-range hotels are in the Thamel area.  There are tons of fun places in the Thamel area you can visit at night (restaurants, shops and bars) and they are all perfectly safe.  be careful of the many guys in thamel area who will offer to guide youa round etc.  The Thamel area has been the center of tourist activity in Katmandu for so long now that it very much resembles a European city, complete with salami and butter sandwiches available in little garden cafes, which I had quite a few of during my stay in Paris.  Thamel Thamel area has recently emerged as the most popular tourist area of Kathmandu.

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