Visit Kathmandu In Rickshaw


Kathmandu is surely to entery point for most of the tourist arriving in Nepal. Kathmandu, even if it's a dusty, crowded and polluated city is still great to visit and rickshaw. In fact Rickshaw is a nice way to enjoy the Nepalese capital. Nepal is the heart of the Himalayas and when you visit this destination you are on one of the world’s toughest treks. It is difficult to travel in this mountainous area without the proper guidance and transportation. This does not mean that you cannot find your way around. There are people and transport to help you out and give you the notable attractions of the land. One such person who will take you around the capital of Nepal is the Kathmandu rickshaw puller. He is a person who actually gives you the real feel of the land and the people of the area. You should visit Kathmandu in a rickshaw and experience the joys that are associated with it.


When you visit Kathmandu in a rickshaw you get a full and complete view of the real Nepal. Sitting under the canopy of the rickshaw you can travel through the narrow alleys and the streets of Thamel and the whole capital of Nepal. The driver of the rickshaw becomes your local guide and you can get all the information that you want from him even if his english is sometimes basic. The rickshaw ride of Kathmandu is a very cheap yet enjoyable way of traveling around the capital of Nepal and visiting the major attractions of Nepal. You will love going through the streets of Kathmandu and experiencing the culture and rich tradition of Nepal. But set the price before because being a foreigner make that some want to take advantage of the money exchange by asking you a lot more than the real price.


The rickshaws of Kathmandu give their passengers a detailed street view of the major attractions of the city. It enables you to get a real taste of Kathmandu as the driver pedals through the old narrow cobblestone streets. The rickshaw ride is the best way to see the main market and the daily lifestyle of the people of Nepal. The main areas where a tourist can visit are Ason and Indra Chowk. You can see these places extensively and at close range. When you visit Kathmandu in a rickshaw you can take pictures of notable places that you visit.


With the Kathmandu rickshaw ride you can visit old Kathmandu and see the Kathmandu Durbar Square that is now known as Hanuman Dhoka Durbar. The Hanuman Dhoka Durbar once used to be the residence of the Nepali royal family and its administrators. This famous site-seeing place is listed in UNESCO world heritage sites too. The rickshaw ride from Thamel to New Road is also a very exciting one and it also gives you the pleasure of seeing many shops and markets. This ride is very unexpensive and you can enjoy it from start to finish with a smile.


The rates for a rickshaw ride may vary as the drivers seek to get the best deals from passengers. The rates depend upon the route that you opt for. The rickshaw ride of Kathmandu is very environment friendly and safe. The rickshaw ride is normally drawn by bicycles and people who find it difficult to drive or walk can hire a rickshaw conveniently. The rides are comfortable and also fun especially if you have never traveled in a rickshaw before.


Thus, the next time you visit Katmandu and want to get the real taste of the nepalese capital you should go in for this famous rickshaw ride and allow the driver to take you through these narrow streets and lanes of Nepal and enjoy the thrills of this wonderful and thrilling Himalayan haven!

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