Luk;la is famous around the world for its airport. It is considered one of the most dangerous inj the world. Nepal is a world famous tourist destination and every year there are millions of travelers who love to come to this Himalayan Abode. Every year there are many tourists who love to come to this land for the purpose of mountaineering, trekking or just for enjoying the breathtaking scenic beauty of the place. Apart from the mountains there are many other places that offer the tourist attractive sightseeing spots. One of the most visited and attractive tourist spot in Nepal is Lukla.


Lukla is a town that is situated in the Khumbu region of East Nepal. This is the place where most people who come to visit the Himalaya start their journey. Lukla is situated around 2860 m or at 9380ft. This town has a small airport where most people begin and end their journey in the region. The meaning of Lukla is place with many goats and sheep however you will not see any of them roaming about in this small Nepalese town.


The Lukla Airport is situated across the township of Lukla. Most of the foreign nationals that reach Lukla Airport arrive by an half an hour flight from Kathmandu Airport. There are many tourists that mainly trek in from Jiri that is generally a seven to eight day walk. On an organized trek most of the Nepalese guides and the kitchen staff will walk from Jiri to Lukla in about half the time the clients take to walk with them.


There are many diverse shops and lodges where you can have basic wetsren style meals and shop for any last minute items for trekking and climbing ahead. If you cannot find the goods that you want in Lukla you can get them in Namche Bazaar. In this place you can get good climbing shops that give you rennet carabiners, helmets, ice axes, jumnars and harnesses. If you are looking for plastic mountaineering boots and crampons they are best rented in Kathmandu if you need them.


When you are going to Lukla most of the trekking groups will take two days time to reach Namche Bazaar that is a nice and easy place that can help you get accustomed to the altitude acclimatization. This can be done in one long day that generally takes 8 to 10 hours but this is not advised due to the enhanced risk of altitude sickness. If you are not in a formal trekking group it is advised that you should double check the tickets with the airline before you leave Lukla. Getting empty seats on the flights between Kathmandu and Lukla are rare. During the prime and the peak seasons you will find people being bumped off their flights too.


There are frequent daylight flights between Lukla and Kathmandu if the weather permits. There are tiny Dornier and Twin Otter aeroplanes which service the town and offer some breath taking glimpses of the surrounding mountains. The Lukla Airport has one of the steepest runways in the world and at the end of the runway you will get a view of the valley below.



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