Formerly known as the Royal Air Nepal. Nepal Airlines was founded in 1958 by the Government of Nepal. It is also built as the flagship Airways of Nepal and is a symbol of heritage to the country. Over 50 years of serving the people has made it the most accessible airlines in the country.


Even though its main operational center is the Tribhuvan International Airport at Kathmandu, it also has three functioning operational centers at Pokhra Airport, Nepalgunj Airport and Bidhannagar Airport, which serve as its secondary hub.



Nepal Airlines is the only Airlines in Nepal that serves International destinations. It currently has flights to New Delhi, Bangkok, Dubai, Doha, Hong Kong and Kuala Lampur. This along with domestic destinations all over the country makes it the most popular choice among the people of Nepal and international tourists. Domestically it serves flights to all the major destinations like Pokhara, Kathmandu, Bhairahawa, Biratnagar, Nepalgunj, Janakpur and also the remote areas of Nepal.



Beginning there journey 52 years ago with a Douglas DC 3 Dakota, Nepal Airlines has now grown into the largest Airlines in the country. It also prides in its Douglas DC 3 Dakota airplanes of being the first symbol of modernization to people in very remote areas where even cars were not available. The Douglas DC 3 stopped serving after 1973.


Presently, Nepal Airlines has an astounding fleet headlined by two Boeing 757s and 3 twin Otters. Over the years it has flied a large number of air crafts like the Fong Shu Harvester, Hawker Siddley Avro and the Boeing 727.



Being the government Airlines, Nepal Airlines has scopes for tremendous discount both for its people and for tourists. It is also responsible for the growth of Air Tourism in Nepal. Nepal Airlines provides discounts to Students, Foreign Delegates and Important personalities. Also, in order to enhance the tourist experience in Nepal, it offers both Economy and Business (Executive) class fares, and various assistance to the passengers both in-flight and at the ground.


Nepal Airlines also provides promotional fares for all of its International flights (majority being Hong Kong and New Delhi).


Nepal Airlines also provides various tourist Promotional Flights time to time. In fact, its mascot Yeti signifies the famous Yeti Service it used to provide a few years back. Nepal Airlines has an award winning in-flight service with a professional, yet graceful crew.



The Nepal Airlines has cargo transportation facilities to all of its Domestic and International destinations. It also offers the cheapest cargo transport (Airways) in the country as compared to the Private Airlines.



The Nepal Airlines has significant tie ups with a number of Government Agencies involved in tourism in Nepal. It has tie up with the Hotels Association of Nepal, in order to facilitate the booking of Hotels and other tourist accommodations for the customers.



The Nepal Airlines has become a symbol of Heritage and Pride for the people of Nepal. For over half a decade, it has brought touch of modernization to inaccessible regions of the mountain country. Also, the Nepal Airlines has done tremendous amount of social work and has proved to be a great help during the relief and rescue missions. It has also played a significant role in transporting food to the remote areas and thus, preventing starvation.

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