Nepalese Visa On Arrival


The Nepalese visa can be simply obtained from the Nepalese Embassy or the Consulate office that is located in your region. If you have left your home country and you do not have the time to visit the Nepalese Embassy you can get your Visa from the Tribhuvan International Airport on arrival or from any other entry point in Nepal. When you are applying for Visa you just need to bring a 2 sets of passport size photographs with you (Bring more if you plan to do a trek in Nepal). The visa fees in june 2010 were 100 US for 3 months mulitple entry, or 40$ for one month. You can extend it for 2 weeks for 30$. The maximum time you can stay from  january1st to december 31st is 5 months. Your passeport must be valid for at least 6 months after the end of your nepalese visa. Once you have 3 months visa it allows you multiple entries during this 3 months.


All foreign visitors have to keep in mind the date of expiry of their Nepalese Visa and their passports to avoid future problems. You can apply for an extension of your Visa if you wish and that needs to be done within the valid time period of the Nepalese visa. When you arrive at the airport you are required to get your passport stamped at the entry points to avoid further complications. It should be noted that living in Nepal without a valid visa is a punishable offense and might have to pay high fees.


If you are found deviating from the laws of the trekking permits that would be treated as the violation of the law of the land. You are also advised to be cautious and aware of people who pose as brokers and cheaters or any counterfeit documents of visa and trekking permits in order to avoid further complications. In such a case you are requested to visit your Immigration Office directly. The change of the purpose of stay without the permission is not allowed and employment or voluntary service while you are on a tourist visa without permission is not allowed and this is punishable under law. Even if you are on a voluntary service you must ensure that you have a valid visa.


When you are in Nepal, it is always wise to register your trekking destination and your schedule at your Embassy or Consulate. When you are in Nepal you are requested to inform the Immigration office or Police Station for any changes that are provided in your address previously contained in your visa application form even if no tourist do it.


When you are applying for a visa transfer you should contact the Immigration Department. This Department also needs to be contacted when you are applying for a new passport or a travel document also. All your visa and trekking permit documents should be kept with you and filming in any restricted area is fully prohibited when you are in Nepal. You should respect the local traditions, the customs, values and the sentiments of the local people. Even as a tourist or as a traveler you should help them to protect the local cultures and maintain the local pride. The tourist also needs to respect the privacy of the land when he/she is taking photographs and also respect holy places.