Paraglidding in Nepal


When you are visiting Nepal you can get into the adventure sport of paragliding. Paragliding in Nepal is a truly wonderful and thrilling experience for many reason: high peaks, cheap cost and professional staff. This sport is targeted for adventure seekers and with it you can experience unparallel scenic beauty when you glide through the air with the birds. The joys of floating in the air over temples, lakes, monasteries, jungles and villages are simply fascinating. With paragliding you can get a fantastic and majestic view of the majestic Himalayan range and the other scenic beauty of Nepal.


Paragliding depends on the weather and if you are interested to try out this adventure sport in Nepal you need to visit the country between November and February. In Nepal the best months for paragliding are November and December. Paragliding can be done easily in Nepal because of its latitude and climate. The atmospheric climate of Nepal is constant throughout the year and this is the reason why paragliding is so popular here.


The topography and the climate of this Himalayan kingdom is the appropriate destination for paragliding lovers. The subtropical conditions in Nepal provide a lot of thermals and this with the combination of the valleys make Nepal the perfect destination for paragliders. The local microclimate along with lakes in the valley makes the conditions even better for the paragliders.


The Annapurna region in Nepal is the perfect destination for paragliders in Nepal. The Pokhara Valley is the main spot for paragliders in the country and you might see many good travel agency offering paraglidding jump. If you are interested in paragliding in Nepal there are various programs that you can check out when you are in Pokhara (Lake Side). If you do not know paragliding there is a three day introductory course that has been targeted for beginners.


There are tandem flights that mean that you can successfully fly with an instructor. These tandem flights are especially designed for those who are not brave or who are inexperienced. At 6000 ft you can sit back in your seat and your pilot takes you on an air ride through the sky. This makes you head for an unforgettable journey that leaves an indelible mark on your mind.


When you are into paragliding in Nepal you need to take off at Sarankot that is at an altitude of 1592m. This gives you the prime views of Phewa Tal and you can also get the beautiful views of the mountain at sunrise and sunset. This can only be seen when the skies are clear. The landing is by the lake and you get the most memorable experience of your life once you experience paragliding in Nepal.


Thus, if you love adventure and would like to try out paragliding just for the sake of it, you should visit Nepal as this land will give you the paragliding experience of your life. You can try out the sport with friends and glide through the skies like a bird. The joy of paragliding is extremely enthralling and you get the happiness of your lifetime once you try it out.

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