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Pokhara is the second largest city in Nepal and usually the most appreciated by travelers coming in Nepal. The atmosphere is much more quiet than Kathmandu. Small restaurants are very nice and the lake provides a very special stamp to the city. If you wish, you can rent a boat for about 200-300 Nepalese Rupee (2-3 euros). This experience is very pleasant and you can enjoy nature in Nepal.



Lake Side Street is very pretty and there are many shops offering jewelry, traditional crafts, travel agencies and restaurants all categories. Some restaurants and bars have a very trendy style and could very well end up in one or the other great cities of the western world. Note the Busy Bee which has a band that plays live from 20h.

Many places offer discounts of between 16h-19h in what they call "Happy Hour". Of one or two for cheaper fares invite you to go take a drink. Or a beer Nepalese Rupees 180 instead of 250.

Pokhara is a perfect place to relax after a trek in the Annapurna and / or before returning to the Nepalese capital. Even if we find the charm of Nepal, the city is more oriented towards tourism as Kathmandu. In addition, Pokhara is the perfect place to organize a 3 days (2 nights) in the Chitwan National Park. Many agencies offer this type of stay.

We suggest you spend a few days in Pokhara because the atmosphere is pleasant and enchanting. Try to get up in the early hours of dawn to see the procession of women going to fetch water. They are very beautiful to see in their traditional clothes in vivid colors. You can do this by taking a coffee on the terrace of a small restaurant overlooking the main street. Note that for the early risers, very few restaurants open before 6:30 am. To our knowledge only the Moonlight, which opens at 5:30. For a coffee / tea morning is the best option. As with most places, the staff is extremely pleasant and nice.

During the days when the weather permits, you can see the tops of high mountains that you dream of adventure awaits you in the Annapurna. To do this, go to the terrace (roof) of your hotel. On a clear day the view is beautiful and impressive.

trek in Annapurna

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