Politic in Nepal - Politic in Nepal


Politic is a big issue in Nepal. Politics in Nepal is very much uncertain due to the presence of various issues. Nepal has seen considerable change in the politics last two decades. Governments in Nepal had been highly unsteady; no government has survived for more than two years since 1991. There were disparities either to the ruling government or to the monarchy.


There were some political disparity and Nepali leaders were fighting with each other in the Country. May 6, 2010 turned out crucial when the Nepali politics came out from the hands of the Indian system. This was exposed when European Ambassadors along with US Ambassador Delsi protested the Nepal Leaders to end the debate within 24 hours or face dire consequences. Unfortunetly Maoist party uses violence and intimidation when calling general strike turning the country economy into a huge mess.


Gilles Henry Garault, the French Ambassador confronted media that “It would be the inanity of the Nepalese leaders if they were unsuccessful in arrivingat a harmony within 24 hours. This in turn triggered the Maoists to end their indistinct strike on the sixth day. One of the main effect on traveler is the very bad move from the maoist party to ask for a general strike that completly stopped the country for 6 days making the country to loose a huge 2 billions $ in the economy. All mean of transportation (beside plane) were stopped and the country was litterally closed for 6 days by this very unwise move from the Maoist party.


Nepal was an unconditional monarchy running under the executive control of the king for many years. When people had a protest with the monarchy, King Birendra decided for advanced political reforms by starting a parliamentary monarchy with the king being head of state and a prime minister being head of the government.


The administration included the King and the Council of Ministers being the Cabinet.The leader of the union or party scoring the maximum seats in an election was chosen as the Prime Minister. The king on the commendation of the Prime Minister agreed the Cabinet.


The late king Birendra’s surviving brother Gyanendra was proclaimed King after the Royal massacre in 2001. King Gyanendra suspended the Parliament on February 2005, appointed a government under his leadership, and enforced military law. Many Nepali leaders were detained, as they were considered incapable of handling the Maoists revolution.


A Seven Party alliance was formed dissolving the parliament led by the king. After numerous protest from public and Maoists the monarchy came to an end during May 2008.

And now still the ongoing protest of the Maoist combatants, in 28 United Nations is detrimental to the harmony and even their future.


Their amalgamation into the military forces, especially in the Nepal Army, is turning out to be a major impediment. The Nepali Congress and the Communist Party of Nepal, two large ruling parties, have demanded that amalgamation and analysis take place before the dissemination of the Constitution on May 28th 2010.


The party chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ and Dr Baburam Bhattarai have major conflicts. Prachanda said that the Nepali Congress and the Communist Party of Nepal were practicing for warfare and now the Maoists need to defend. More than around 13,000 people got killed during the Maoist insurgency less than a decade ago.


Now after the Nepalese Constitution Election, there are only few days left to take charge of the government. There is still a hope on negotiations between the political parties between now and 28 May. We can only hope that the maosit party will not choose again the violence and intimidation to shut off the country contributing to get down the already uncertain economy of Nepal.


Who will be in power before May 28? Parachanda’s apology to the affected society and Maoists’ interest in sharing power is the outcome in the current politics.






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