Security in Nepal


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Nepal is one of the number one tourist attractions especially for the trekking lovers. You can always visit Nepal at point of time without any fear as they have very good security infrastructure enabled essentially for the purpose of tourist’s protection. You can go ahead for your visit to Nepal with all relaxed mind as there is no serious threat of insecurity involved in this place. These people in general are of very good nature and they are having the hospitality in their blood as this tradition of welcoming foreign visitors is being carried out by them hereditarily now. The inherit the humility as well as the amiability from their ancestors and are lovable to move with.  Despite all that the government is very vigilant enough when it comes to taking care of their foreign visitors and has provided ample amount of security measure far and wide Nepal in order to give the tourists a risk free environment especially before the Visit Nepal 2011. Apart from all these natural measures which are already there to protect your safety in this foreign land of yours. It is advisable if you would be in a better position to safeguard yourself and your belongings in a better way by adopting certain vital procedures.  Those are to be discussed here for your benefit from here.


Take care properly about your belongings even before you start off from your place, that is the entry as well as the return papers and necessary documentation as well as pertaining credentials has to be carried along with you.  You might be demanded at any point of time to show your papers of identity and substantiate proofs of your travel permit etc at any point of time during your travel to Nepal.  So it is very mandatory that you should be taking care of all pertaining needs to make your journey very pleasant enough.


Maoist is a terrorist group well known to majority all around the globe. Their activities here and there are reportedly a reason for which the tourists are thinking twice to visit Nepal at these circumstances these days. But as a matter of fact it is very sporadic complaints coming in and they are usually not a threat to tourist. Even then the government has taken enough necessary precautions due this regard to ensure special security for the safety of the tourists as well as the native civilians.


Medical kit like first aid box as well as your emergency tablets, creams, ointments etc., whatsoever might be of your need according to your health conditions and requirements should always be carried along with you. This might vary from individual to individual by far. So general instructions on medicine will not hold hood for everyone. You should not forget any mandatory inevitable medicine of yours.


Be also carefull when trekking about the famous Altitude sickness that can be experienced by everybody (fit or not) Read also “Altitude Sickness’


Also ensure that you have a good medical insurance coverage of yours for the goodness of everybody.


You need to aware of the local traffic rules if you are going to drive your own vehicle out here. So approaching an agent or any assistance from your place of stay due regards would be better than to blindly and bluntly touching the steering.




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