Thamel, centerpoint of backpacker In Kathmandu


Thamel is a well known tourist destination in Nepal. It has remained the center point of tourist industry in Kathmandu for more than twenty years. It is true that some people consider it to be a “ghetto” but then people with a low budget travel believe it to be a tourist haven. You may find plenty of guesthouse and hotels ranging from 4-5 euros to top 5 stars hotels.


The narrow streets out here are in line with the small shops that sell anything and everything starting from food, clothes, cakes, walking gear, to music, pastries, handicrafts, DVDs and much more. In addition to this, you will find a number of budget hotels and travel agents out here. The area is also known for a number of good restaurants. It is true that prices are a bit higher when compared to the non tourists’ areas, but then they never compromise with the food hygiene.


Durbar Square, Ason Bazaar, Samakushi and Swayambhunath are at a distance of 10 -30 minutes by walk from Thamel. This town is known for its lively ethnic culture.

You will find the Hashish
 sellers approaching the people openly in the streets. You will also find a number of whispering invitations so as to purchase products from them. In present years, quite a few adult bars and shows have appeared that has in a way made Thamel pretty seedy.


Thamel also serves as the pre-base camp. It is known for its varied collection of pubs, foreign money exchange booths, mountaineering gear shops, clubs as well as nightlife together with infinite guest houses and travel lodges. Teenage violence-crazed events and Gang crimes take place pretty often in some areas of greater Thamel. In general, Thamel serves as a home to a variety of audience of Nepal for employment and entertainment purposes. The capital of Nepal is preferably the biggest cosmopolitan city. you can refer to it is a melting pot of thousands ethnic groups. It is also considered to be the home town of the Newars. The trader and the master craftsmen of this place are simply great. For more than thousand years, Kathmandu has managed the caravan route between India and Tibet.


Thamel ranks third in terms of theme park and is known for its own set of hawkers, restaurants and hotels. This city is pretty old and is well armed with splendid architecture and ageless temples. Till date you will find sacred cows roaming about in the streets. You will also find coolies, beggars, holy men and street urchins by the street side.

However, in spite of its scenic beauty, there are many people who complain about Thamel. To them, Thamel is nothing but a noisy, crowded, chaotic and dangerous place. But then, the pros certainly outweigh the cons. With so many shops, travel agencies and internet café you are sure to fall head over heels for it. Most people prefer their stay at the Freak street area. The place is best suited for shopaholic. So friends, if you love shopping and planning to go visit someplace soon then make sure to go in for Thamel.




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