Travel by bicycle In Nepal


You can travel by bicycle in Nepal and get to see the real trails and terrains of the land. But you must know that Nepal is one of the hilliest country in the world where bicycling might be a real nightmare for beginners. Known as Mountain Biking this means of travel is considered to be one of the best ways to tour the Himalayan kingdom even if it’s quite difficult. You can easily tour rural Nepal and it is possible to travel from tracks and trails to rarely visited places in Nepal. You can also successfully escape from the hustle and bustle of city life and explore the several temples, stupas and medieval towns of the land.


When you opt for mountain biking the rentals will provide you with elaborate information and experienced guides that will help you round the area. The quality of the bikes is good (but you have to look for it) and they are able to withstand the strains of the journey.

If you are travelling to Nepal and are looking for ways to tour the terrains and the trails of Nepal you should opt for mountain biking. The Best way to explore the Kathmandu valley is surely on a mountain bike. Nepal's diverse terrain is a mountain biker's dream adventure comes true. Mountain biking offers an environmentally way of exploring this magnificent country, its landscape and living heritage. There are plenty of dirt roads and trails in Nepal to meet every mountain biker wildest fantasy. Mountain biking is specially recommended if you wish to explore urban centers of Nepal such as Pokhara and Kathmandu as well as the countryside. In Kathmandu, you may find many places to hire a bicicyle. In Pokhara, you only need to go on Lake Side road and find a great number of place to hire a bicycle for an hour to a day. During the unfortunate Maoist strike, it's a great way to enjoy the of transportation. You have the street for yourself and may enjoy a great day cicling around the city and discovering the numerous places of the city.


Adventurous souls may plan extended trips to such exotic locales as Namche Bazaar, and western Nepal. You could even do the entire length of Nepal across the plain by bicycle.


 When you travel by bicycle in Nepal the following are some of the bicycle trails that you can opt for:


The Scar Road: This begins from Thamel to Kakano and then you can return to Thamel through Budanikantha that is situated about 30 kms from this destination.

Tribhuvan Rajpath: This trail begins from Kathmandu to Hetauda that is the first Highway that connects Kathmandu with the rest of the world. This place is around 85 kms from Kathmandu.

Dhulikhel-Panauti: This trail starts from Thamel and goes via the pashupatinath temple. It follows the Boudhanath Stupa via the medieval town of Sankhu to Nagarkot and returns through Changunarayan and Bhaktapur to Kathmandu that is around 45 kms from this destination.

Sankhu-Nagarkot-Bhaktapur: This is a long trail and begins from Thamel through Pashupatinath temple and Boudhanath Stupa through the medieval;l town of Sankhu to Nagarkot and return through Changunarayan and Bhaktapur to Kathmandu that is around 45 kms.

Hetauda to Narayangarh: This bicycle trail is situated around 40 kms to link with Royal Chitwan National Park.


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