Vipassana in Nepal


Many travelers coming in Nepal want to try the Vipassana experience. It's consist of a 10 days in a Vipassana center where you don't talk and write for the entire lenght of the stay. This wonderfull experience is hard for some but always a great experience that one doesn;t live very often in a life time. The Vipassana experience is a great way to make some distance with your life while thinking about what you really want to do next. Doing this experience in a such exotic place as Nepal add to this experience of meditation. 


For Vipassana experience near Pokhar:


Vipassana means to see things as they are in reality and it is one of India’s most ancient forms of meditation that is popular in Nepal today. This form of meditation was taught in India more than 2500 years ago and it is considered to be a universal panacea for all types of ills that engulf human beings and their life.


Vipassana is a way of self transformation that you can attain through self observation. This form of meditation emphasizes on the deep connection between your mind and body. This connection can be experienced directly by paying disciplined attention to the physical sensations that form the life of the body and the mind of a human.


According to this form of meditation there are some scientific laws that operate and influence the thoughts, feelings, judgments and the sensations of a person. This meditation also focuses on the freedom of suffering and other negative emotions that affect human beings. With the help of Vipassana your life becomes characterized by increased awareness, self control, peace and non-delusion. With the help of this meditation you can get a balanced mind and body.


Nepal is a widely visited Vipassana learning spot. Vipassana in Nepal is taught in residential courses in which the participants of the method learn the basics of how to practice it effectively. The participants are taught on how to experience its benefits to the maximum extent.


Most of the Vipassana in Nepal centers are located in the foothills of the Himalayas and they are covered by beautiful wildlife reserve. There are various buildings that are situated in the residences for Vipassana. The Vipassana in Nepal residences have dormitories and single rooms. There are also separate dining tables for men and women. These residences also have large meditation halls where people can gather together and meditate. The meals that are served to the residents of these centers are Nepali style vegetarian meals and very simple.


There are certain Vipassana in Nepal centers that have meditation cells that are meant for the old students. There also may be a separate complex that can be separated from the main building complete with meditation facilities and other accommodation too. Admissions take place at regular sessions and you need to contact the residences to take the details of the course that is generally offered.


The Vipassana meditation is used to cure diseases and to heal all types of human suffering that is rampant in the world today. With Vipassana you can achieve immense happiness in all the aspects in a person’s life. People who are practicing this form of meditation is said to have a very clear understanding of all the scientific laws that control their body that leave them more aware, self controlled and at peace with themselves.


The experience is very rewarding and enriching and in order to enroll for the course you need to fill out an application form. The course is generally a ten day course. The reputed Vipassana centres can be found in Birganj and Lumbini and you can learn the practice of Vipassana from there effectively.


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