Weather in October-November in the Annapurna


Have you ever sat inside the refrigerator for a couple of minutes? Nope. Never ever literally happened to be so. In that case what if you are made to sit inside a freezer portion of the refrigerator all round the clock. Sounds crazy is it not. But that is what happening in reality in the high places of Annapurna. It is winter to the core out here in the months of December till February and all you can do simply is to get lost from there. The weather condition here in the October and November period would just drive you go crazy as it is just converging towards the tight winter. This is the suitable time for your trekking and the crowd is just unlimited at this juncture. The weather at this point of time between October and November in the Annapurna’s are said to be apt conditions for mountain trekking in these dangerous mountains.  As you might catch up with a lot of leaches in the summer otherwise, everyone prefers the lovable climatic conditions between October and November in the Annapurna’s as one of the best for the novice who begins their trekking. It is because the humidity is reasonable and you will tend to go tired easily as the weather conditions would be very smoothening to encourage you for trekking. For a beginner not to get dejected in his goal is a key and these weather conditions just certainly assures you that.  You can infer the considerable drop in the amount of trekking crowd as well as the other tourist spectators dropping just early even in the December month of the year.  This is the indirect note to you to think twice about your sojourn here any further. Completely cold climate in the winter makes it unable to bear in the mountains and affecting so many days in and out activities of yours to make lifestyle pretty tougher.


Annapurna is renowned to whole world for the altitude in which it is. Twenty six thousand five hundred and forty five feet is seriously higher than most other major heights.  The mountains range to about eight thousand and odd feet to climb and is considered to be one of the most dangerous mountains to even think of climbing over it.  The weather conditions are totally undeterminable and the name by which it goes as Annapurna does actually mean that “full of flood”.  Drastic weather changes at the altitudes in the winter aredeadly enough for anyone to intend to climb. Still the mountaineering quest has not come down even a bit over here.  In fact you got to believe in the fact that almost two third of all the trekkers form the Nepal are all who have made their attempts to the Annapurna as per surveys.





In summer the weather out here in the higher altitudes will be unbearable and you just cannot able to make it to the highest altitudes. But when your trekking target is not so far high then certainly at reasonable heights you will not find it too hot. And also the climate would be found pleasant enough for you in the early summer months of March and the beginning of the April for trekking.

It depends upon your acclimatization levels also to a greater extent.


trek in Annapurna

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