World heritage Sites of Nepal


There are many world heritage sites in Nepal that explain its culture and traditions that has been continuing for a long time. One of the most famous world heritage sites of Nepal are Ram Janaki Temple, Vajrayogini, antique Nepal kingdom, Panauti complex, Muktinath Valley of Mustang, Complex of Nuwakot Palace, Sinja Valley and many others.      


Ram Janaki Temple:


Ram Janaki Temple is located in janakpurdham which has great importance for religious point of view. It is one of the oldest cities in Nepal. There is a famous temple in this historical city names as Ram Janaki Temple. Local people who have a strong belief in this temple said that this temple has dedicated to the Sita who is the Goddess of Hindu religion. This temple has a great importance for those who follow this religion (Hinduism). This amazing and ancient temple has a great attraction for those who came in janakpurdham for visiting this beautiful city.




Buddha Vajradhāra is the one who taught the 2 main stages of Vajrayoginī’s practices. There are also many other practices that were shifted from Vajrayoginī to others like Narokhachö lineage, Maitrikhachö lineage and many others. These practices are one of the main and most famous parts of heritage of people of Nepal.


Kingdom of Nepal:


Kingdom of Nepal is another famous world heritage site of Nepal. Prithvi Narayan Shah who is the king of Gorkha develop a unity of various kingdoms during the mid of 18th century. After the struggle of 3 years he succeeded to reach the valley of Kathmandu and without any effort he conquered this city. This was just the beginning of modern Nepal nation.


Panauti complex:


It is very much nearer to the Dhulikhel which is one of the most famous cities of Nepal. Panauti is one of the most interesting and Newar settled village. The amazing thing about Panauti complex is that it is located on conflux of 3 beautiful rivers. Mystical is one of them which is thought be very spiritual. These long-winded dense temples are very much appealing heritage sites to explore.


Muktinath Valley of Mustang:


Muktinath is one of the most holy places for both Buddhists and Hindus. This place is located in the beautiful valley Muktinath. This place is very much closer to the Ranipauwa village. The old name of this village was also Muktinath but now it has changed now. It is very much important site for Buddhists because of Dakinis also recognized as “Sky Dancers”. This site is also considered as a Tantric place according to the belief of lots of Hindus and local people of Nepal.


Complex of Nuwakot Palace:


Complex of Nuwakot Palace is another famous cultural heritage site of Nepal which is situated on the huge mountains of Nuwakot. Hikers love to visit this place because this place. Complex of Nuwakot Palace has lots of religious importance for the people of Nepal who have great feelings in their heart about this Complex of Nuwakot Palace.   

















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