Clothes to wear during the trek


Trekking in different mountain ranges needs different types of equipment as well as gear worn by the trekkers. In general it might be a thrilling task to scale heights along the earth’s periphery but in reality it poses a lot of threat to your life itself. If fun alone is just in your mind and you do overlook certain vital aspects which are essentially considered to be highly important in accompanying you while trekking, then untoward happenings might be the result. Enough care is to be taken on the attire of yours especially and also the amount of reserve gear what you have in stock to meet out your all sorts of immediate and emergency requirements is a must.


The place where you are going to trek the nature of the peak, the climatic conditions at the particular region all determines the nature of trekking gear you will have to take with you. Hood on the top of your jackets is actually something especially meant for the purpose of trekking so as to protect your face from the hard wind and to cover from drizzles as well as sunshine. In due course of time it became a fashion gear apart from being an essential trekking gear.


So as to hold the fleece, drinking container, picture or video capturing devices, food, over cover clothes etc. you should have a day pack for you which forms an essential constituent of the trekking gear. Pillow and mattresses what you can blow air to inflate would be handy too. Duffel bag in order to open and close easily is optional choice. Your boots should be able to withstand and a sort of tough wear for irregular terrain. Also it should be more smooth and soft from inside as well as providing air circulation so that you wear for long hours continuously. It should not be water permeable wear.  Also woolen socks would be advisable and preferable than the ordinary cotton ones. Additional pair of flip flop and canvas would be perfect choice. Sun glasses of best quality and a scarf around your neck would make it complete.


Rider vest with whole heap of slots and made up of a material suitable to your climatic needs would be an opt choice of trekking gear as it can hold as many of your accessories. All you got to ensure here with this sort of vest is the reliable sealing of the slots provided.  Whether it is a slot or pouch it should be holding your possessions intact without protrusion which would a major detraction of your concentration. Also the material of the rider vest should of top quality and of lighter weight as much as possible in order to give you to the required durability as well as less difficulty in wearing them respectively.


Trousers again should be containing two hip pockets as well as elasticated pulling thread type of waist is the usual suitable wear for trekking. Also you got to ensure about the elastic ankles in the bottom and again about the material of the trousers to be of top quality without any compromise.

trek in Annapurna

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