Do and don’t do in Nepal


Tourism development in Nepal is one of the key incomes for the country and they do provide hearty welcome to all their tourists at all the time. They are very amiable enough to get along with the visitors and do treat them with all hospitality. This is because they got used to it since several ages now. Nepal has always been a wonderful spot of tourist’s attraction from different parts of the globe. When they do treat their visitors with that much respect then we as visitors is also expected to retaliate the same to them by all means.  So in order to do that effectively it becomes naturally very important to know on what are all the activities which should not be entertained in the visitor’s place which is not encouraging aspect. Let us discuss some of those in detail.


Always try to do your trekking activity along with a cluster of people around you here and there at least if not closer to you. This is mandatory even if you are doing your visit as well as the trekking in the Nepalese mountains all alone. This is just ensured so just for your own safety as you might need people’s assistance at one point of time or the other. Also in case of any unfortunate happenings somebody or the other should be aware of what is up at your end to rescue.


It is very vital that throughout the tour you need to keep an eye on your gear as well as all your belongings very carefully so that you will end up losing them. When you are going to mingle with some agencies specially meant for this purpose of trekking you can avoid such a sort of difficulties to a greater extent as well as you can be a bit more relaxed.

Green trekking is the most welcoming aspect in Nepal. This means you do not affect the environment by littering or even by burning your garbage put together in some place or the other with wood.  Because burning wood is to be avoided essentially.  This is for so many reasons like conservation of wood and so on. So carry back your garbage to your lodge or wherever you are staying to dispose them properly there or anywhere else in appropriate arena meant for that.


Instead of plucking greenery and flowers on your way you can just take time to get a very nice photograph of the same to be preserved easily in your database. This is good for you as it is easy to preserve without any problem of decaying as well as good for the environment. It is vital that you do not disturb the greeneries or the livestock on your way to the trekking spot by any means. Also ensure that you are disposing the excreta in right ways by digging them under the ground so that no sign of it could be found. Also essentially see to the fact that this is done in such a place which is not nearer to any water resources as well as any sacred places around.


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