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Festival of Nepal



February/march:  Maha Shivaratri, Holi (Phagu Poornima), Losar


March/April: Sri Panchami, Chaite, Dashain, Ram Nawami, Ghode Jatra


April/May:  Navavarsha  (Nepalese New Year), Buddha Jayanti/Baisak Poornima)


June/July: Dumji


July/august: Krishnaastami, Janai Poornima, Gaijatra (One of the most fascinating festivals of Nepal takes place during this month for 8 days. People makes jokes, satires and comedies of all kinds. Although this festival is celebrated across Nepal, it has a particular enthusiasm in Kathmandu Valley)

August/september: Indrajatra, Teej 


September/october: Dashain (The biggest festival of Nepal, celebrated on a 15 days period)


October/November: Tihar (Light festival, celebrated for 5 days)


November/December:  Chath Parba, Vivaha Panchami,  Bala Chaturdasi




Nepal is the ground of festivals. Being a buddhist and hinduist country, Nepal have a huge variety of festival and celebration through its year. There is a modo that says that there is a festival each day in Nepal. No matter what period of year you decide to travel to Nepal; it's moire than certain you'll see at least one of these echoing as well as colorful acclamations. Accounted beneath are just a little of the festivals of Nepal.


Shivaratri (Feb/March period): Shiva's birthday slips on the new-moon day of Falgun (Nepali month). Hundreds of Sadhus attain here from whole over India as well as Nepal to acclaim, several of them wandering thousands of miles barefoot fair to be at Pashupatinath. Holi (Feb/march period). In my competence I have to babble Holi is the foremost colorful festival of Nepal, additionally comprehended as Fagu or the Festival of Colors. If you are chivalrous plentiful to depart your hostel you will annex cloaked, awesome amusement if you need to play, however conserve an eye over and above as the locals incline to set up camp on their rooftop as well as assail you from over!


Bisket Jatra (April-May): Nepali recent Year begins in mid-April. To reach an actual embrace for this festival the foremost arena to be is Bhaktapur.


Buddha Jayanti (May-June) (Buddha's Birthday): For this festival I would admonish aiming to Lumbini, the birthplace of Buddha (however if this is a brief out of your tactics Swayambhunath (the monkey abbey), Bodhnath as well as Patan are as well as ensconce on an admirable display for this festival.) The highlights of this acclamation are the colorful ascetic dances.


Gai Jatra (Aug/Sept period): The Cow festival is one of the foremost well-known in Nepal. Cows are directed through the streets on this day as well as you will even discern adolescent youngsters arrayed up as cows! Newars assume that when you cease cows will admonish them to Yama, the deity of the underworld. Teej (Aug-Sept period) the female's festival. To fit absolutely embodied in this festival I'd admonish consuming the focal day of Teej at one of the Durbar blocks. The all location will serve a sea of ruddy saris. This festival amalgamates snacking as well as fasting! The females deify for matrimonial pleasantness, well being of their spouses as well as kids as well as catharsis of their own spirits. On one day the females are even anticipated to deluge their husband’s feet also that time gulp the aqua!


Indra Jatra (Aug-Sept period): this festival acclaimed by either Hindus also Buddists beckons the accomplishment of the monsoon as well as is one of awesome colour as well as agitation. The festival is identified following Lord Indra who is comprehended as deity of rain and also as the lord of paradise. This festival has eight all days of soloing, dancing as well as feeding. On the third day of the festival the Kumari (the abiding deity) is annexed around the capital in a chariot.


Dashain (Sept/Oct period): this is Nepal's biggest festival as well as one of the longest persisting 15 days. This festival is not much to discern for journeyers as it is a very citizenry orientated, furthermore if you are aimless sufficient to abut in acclamations with a regional citizenry as well as absolutely get enmeshed it is by distant the greatest festival.





























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