Political Problems In Nepal


Over the recent years Nepal has been the subject of ever-changing political environment and is today probably the worst politically managed country in the whole of South Asia. In the recent months it has been observed that the political life in the country has been disrupted mainly for two regions- the February 1st authoritarian move taken by King Gyanendra and the failure of the political parties to establish law and order before the royalist takeover.


It is very difficult to actually find the root cause and prime cause of the political problem in Nepal today. There is great pessimism in the world today and countries wonder whether the political situation in the country will actually improve or not. The current unrest in the country is due to the political problems between the king, the Maoist rebels and the political parties that have resulted in the current impasse. There are people who are aware of this problem however the unfortunate thing is that nothing has been undertaken to find a solution to this problem.


The security forces of Nepal are controlled by the Monarchy but due to some of its undemocratic moves it has created strife in democratic forces and this in turn has prompted republicanism. Due to this popular support for the monarchy is declining and political activists have already taken to the streets to revolt against the monarchy. The main political party that has launched a People’s War against the monarchy is the Maoist party of Nepal. This party embarks to get rid of monarchy and seeks to instill the fundamentals of communism in the country.


The Maoists are the main people who are in total control of the countryside of Nepal. This political party, however, over the years, have failed to gain public support because of the shocking brutality of their political actions. They are violent and their strike that shut down all the country are unwise and weaken the nepalese economy. This resulted in both national and international condemnation upon the rebels. After the latest ceasefire, the Maoists are now distancing themselves from their extremely violent actions of the past years. Though they may have reduced the shocking brutal activities of the past years the word, “terror” still remains central in the Maoist rebel’s ideology.


The mainstream political parties in the country are not able to deal with the political situation in the country as they voice different opinions and have lost mass support. They need to generate public support and regain the trust of the people of the country. The authoritarian moves that were adopted by the King too failed to rebuild consensus with the people of the land and the common man is desperately looking for ways to a reconciliation that will put an end to all political turmoil.


There is one thing that should be noted that Nepal is not greater than the King, its political parties and the Maoists. They all should join hands together and march towards securing political stability and seek to cease political unrest in the country. Reconciliation is the need of the day and this is the reason why they should endeavor to achieve it at all costs to save Nepal from further turmoil.




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