Transportation from India to Nepal - Plane and rail


Asia is full packed of the fascinating tourist spots and Nepal is one of them. The most mesmerizing fact about Nepal is that it hoards about ten highest mountain peaks in the world. The most attention-grabbing tourist attraction in Nepal is the Himalayan ranges which magnetizes the tourist from all over the world. The mountain ranges in Nepal make it a favorite spot for mountaineers and trekkers from all around the world. Nepal not only is the centre of attraction for trekkers but people of every age group get enthralled towards the vibrant culture, architecture and religion of the country. 


Most of the travelers coming to Nepal will go through India before heading to this great himalayan country. Knowing all the possible transportation from India become important to the travelers when they organise their trip to Nepal. If you are in awe about how to reach Nepal, this piece of article about Transportation to Nepal will help you planning your trip to Nepal. You can choose either of the three ways to reach Nepal – by air, by road or by rail according to your budget, time and wish of adventure.


The capital of Nepal, Kathmandu, is connected to some major airports of Asia but is still hard to reach by direct flight from Europe, Australia or Americas. It has been seen some rare flight from Amsterdam with Transavia or from Vienna with Austrian airlines. But beside these uncertain changing flights, you might have to go through India in order to reach Kathmandu or Pokhara. About 15 international flights take the tourists to and from Kathmandu. A few of the regular private airlines are Druk Air, Gulf Airways, Biman Bangladesh airlines, Singapore airlines, Air Sahara, Royal Nepal airlines, Air India, China South West airlines, and Autri air. Apart from these regular airlines there are many domestic airlines too serving the transportation to and from Nepal. The only airport of Nepal, Tribhuwan international airport is connected to may tourist spots of Nepal. This well equipped airport has all the good transit facilities.


The officials of the airport are usually co-operative and the immigration process is very simple. There are direct flights from Kathmandu to some major cities of Asia but if you come from Europe you'll surely have to connect with other flights most likely through Dehli, Doha or Bangkok. The cities connected to Kathmandu airport are


Asian cities-- Abu Dhabi Doha Dubai, Tokyo, Singapore, Shanghai, Islamabad, Karachi, Dhaka, Mumbai, Lhassa and Delhi.

European cities (through other asiatic cities)- Amsterdam Moscow Munich, Vienna, Frankfurt, Berne, Berlin, London, and Paris


Transportation to Nepal by road from Nepal:


There are many by road entrance points in Nepal. Below are a few of the most expedient points to enter Nepal from India by road—

If you want to enter from East Nepal you can enter to Mechi from Panitanki, to Kakarbhitta, or Silgudi.

If you want to enter from West Nepal you can take the route of Tanakpur or Mahendra Nagar which are both about five hrs drives away from Delhi.

If you want to enter from south you can enter – (i) Biratnagar or Jogbani, from Kolkata or Patna, (ii) enter Nepalganj from Rupaidiya or Luckhnow or (iii) enter Birganj, Raxaul via Gorakhpur.


Transportation to Nepal by rail from India


However there are not much railway stations in Nepal becuase the country is covered with high mountain and hills but still Nepalese railway shares one rail link with India. You can get a train from Delhi to Gorakhpur (Vaishali Express) and then hire a taxi or take a bus to reach Nepal from Gorakhpur. It is hardly a journey of 3 hrs from Gorakhpur to Nepal. You probably end up in Pokhara and from there you will probably want to enjoy the beauty of this nepalese city before going on a trek around the Annapurna or heading up to Kathmandu.


Local means of transportation from India:


To travel in Nepal you can transit using the public buses running all through the country. You can take cabs on service with drivers to explore the stunning city. Apart from the public buses and hired cabs there are tempos, taxis, and rickshaws available to travel around the city. One of the most popular modes of transportation within the city is Bike riding. As written you might take the train until the nepalese border and then taking local transportation  inside Nepal to reach Pokhara. Most travelers coming from India by local mean of transportation are most likely to arrive in Pokhara.







































































Festivals of Nepal:


February/march:  Maha Shivaratri, Holi (Phagu Poornima), Losar


March/April: Sri Panchami, Chaite, Dashain, Ram Nawami, Ghode Jatra


April/May:  Navavarsha  (Nepalese New Year), Buddha Jayanti/Baisak Poornima)


June/July: Dumji


July/august: Krishnaastami, Janai Poornima, Gaijatra (One of the most fascinating festivals of Nepal takes place during this month for 8 days. People makes jokes, satires and comedies of all kinds. Although this festival is celebrated across Nepal, it has a particular enthusiasm in Kathmandu Valley)

August/september: Indrajatra, Teej 


September/october: Dasahin (The biggest festival of Nepal, celebrated on a 15 days period)


October/November: Tihar (Light festival, celebrated for 5 days)


November/December:  Chath Parba, Vivaha Panchami,  Bala Chaturdasi




trek in Annapurna

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