Visa for Nepal


For most Western nationals, it is possible to obtain a visa at the airport in Kathmandu on arrival. Depending on what you enter your card on arrival (obtained form the plane to Kathmandu). A visa for, 2 weeks, one month or three months may be obtained. If you are less than two weeks, you will get a visa for 25 U.S.. For a three-month visa, you must calculate 100 U.S. When you get a nepalese visa, it’s multiple entry for the time of your visa. Note that it’s more expensive to renew your visa tan the first you got at the entrey point.


You can easily and quickly renew your visa for Nepal for 3 months. You have the right to stay in Nepal for a máximum of 5 months in the same year. The year finishing on december 31st, it’s posible to stay 10 months in a row in Nepal, just by renewing your visa and coming at the begining of august.

To obtain your Nepal visa at the airport in Kathmandu:

→ 2 passport photos (in fact, one is enough)
→ Payment of (exact amount is always better:
           25 U.S. for a visa two weeks

           40 US for 1 month visa
           100 U.S. visa for 3 months (multiple entry)
→ Valid passport for at least 6 months


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