Founded 12 years ago in 1998, Yeti Airlines started its operations with a fleet consisting a pair of twin otters. At present, Yeti Airlines is one of the most important domestic airline in Nepal, which is distinguished for providing services to remote mountainous regions, and, thus connecting almost all of Nepal to the strategic points.


At present, the Yeti Airlines operates mainly out of the three major airports in Kathmandu, Nepalgunj and Pokhara. It also is one of the most sought after airlines in Nepal. At present, Yeti Airlines has domestic services across 29 destinations in Nepal, making it the largest Domestic Airline of the country.


The Yeti Airline, in addition to providing the best domestic coverage, is also widely appreciated for its award winning In-flight services, the best in Nepal.




Yeti Airlines has daily flights that connect the capital city of Kathmandu to Pokhara, Biratnagar, Bhadarpur, Nepalgunj, Bhairahawan Janakpur, and Dhangadi. Also, there are interconnecting flights in between these cities. Yeti Airlines also provides charter flight services as per the needs of people. The Yeti Airlines has always taken pride in its being the people's Airlines, as it provides the only means of transport to some inaccessible places of Nepal. There are also occasional flights operating to Phalpu, Lamidanda, Taplejung, Bajhang, Bajura, Rukum, Salley, Lukla and areas like Rara, jumla, Dolpa, Dang, Tumlingtar, Rumjatar, Safebagar and Simikot. While the flights start from the capital Kathmandu, the night stops are scheduled in Biratnagar and Bhadarpur.



Yeti Airlines insures all its passengers for a sum of USD 20,000 per passenger, and a baggage liability fee of 20 USD per kilo. Also, the fares are low and made to fit the budget. While it has basic fares as low as 540NRs ( From Doti to Safebagar), its average basic fare is around 950NRs.



Every year, Nepal attracts millions of tourists, and Yeti Airlines prides itself in providing them with a unique opportunity – the Everest Express. It is an exclusive tour package – that gives a detailed tour of the Everest and other famous peaks. Yeti Airlines also provides the highly modern BAE Jetstream 41 air crafts, custom made from England.


The tour covers mountains like Kanchenjunga,Mount Everest and other famous mountain ranges of the beautiful Himalayas. Yeti Airlines is specially known for flying as close as 5 Nautical miles to the Mount Everest. It is an hour-long tour, which attract the tourists year round.



Yeti Airlines has always supported the country of Nepal, its people and all the foreign delegates that help the country. It provides year round discounts of up too 25% in fares to the UN delegates, workers of International NGOs and developmental organizations and to workers in embassies.


In addition to these, Yeti airlines has played a monumental part in the transportation of help-materials into remote areas during demanding times. It has made donations to Child Care, Leprosy Relief, Eye Clinics and Rescue Missions through organizations like OCCED, NLRA and NGEC. The Yeti Airlines has already donated a total of about 3.8 million Nrs in various Charity initiatives.



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