The Guna Airlines is the newest Airlines in Nepal. Part of the expanding Guna empire, Guna Airlines boasts a successful and powerful business family as their patron. For decades, Guna departmental Sores, Guna Cinemas, Guna Colony, Schools, Housing Complexes and Cold storages have serviced the people of Nepal. Guna Airlines is their newest acquisition and is mainly targetted towards the commercial and tourist hubs of Nepal. It services out of Kathmandu and connects the cities of Kathmandu, Bhairahawa, Biratnagar, Pokhara, Birgunj and Janakpur.




The Guna Airlines also has a special Mountain Flight for touring the Himalayas and a close up view of Mount Everest among other mountain ranges. The Mountain Flight is a tour of one hour and is custom made to suit foreign tourists and Mountaineers.




The Guna Airlines has a fleet of a number of the Beechcraft 1900, which it has acquired from the Buddha Air and Royal Air Nepal. The Beech craft 1900 is a 19 seater aircraft, with a maximum flying speed of over 900km/hr and the high tolerance which makes it perfect for smooth flight operations during extreme weather conditions, something the Airlines have to face a lot in the Mountain Clad Nepal. Even though The Guna Airlines still doesn't have an exclusive cargo transporter, it is expected to launch a cargo delivery system of its own.


There is also a reservation and flight charter system, open for advance bookings to any location in Nepal.




Like all airlines that operate in Nepal, the Guna Airlines insures all its passengers and flight staff. Being a new airlines in the highly competitive market of Nepal, where tourism is the major industry; Guna Airlines gives options of minimal fares and very low basic fares to passengers to attract them. Also, the in flight services are world-class, with the Guna Airlines following strict ICAA and CANN regulations for flight operations.



The Guna Airlines expects to widen its network to even the remotest corners of Nepal by providing transportation facilities and talks of acquisition of other air carriers are already in progress. Also, Guna Airlines wants to go big by being the first major domestic airlines to operate International flights from the Tribhuvan International Airport of Kathmandu.


The Guna Group also plans on a tourist agency in accordance to book hotels and travel arrangements for all the tourists and guests who fly with the Guna Airlines.



The Guna Airlines provides discounts to its little flyers. Apart from discounts to children, special concessions are also made in case of bulk reservations and bookings. The Guna Airlines is also well equipped to handle the travelling and staying of tourists and has special holiday packages available. With all the major careers flying in Nepal, the Guna Airlines proves to be a formidable new opponent in the field. With their innovation and over the top services, it certainly has the full potential to become the no. 1 in the country in a very short time.

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