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Nepal is a blend of numerous tribes and races. The population of about 22 million lives here in different regions, speaking diverse dialects and languages and wearing diverse costumes. The diverse climatic conditions in different areas of Nepal make their life style different from each other. If you are planning for the Nepalese holidays this season then it is important for you to know the basics about the Nepalese language engrosses more than one hundred and twenty kinds of languages spoken by the populace of Nepal. However, out of the 120 the three old languages have become extinct, specifically Waling, Kusunda, and Dula. The main spoken language is Nepali, other than that; some prominent languages of Nepal are Awadhi, Newari, Maithili, Bahing Mundari, Hindi and, Limbu.


Nepalese language being the most prominent language of Nepal is also spoken in other countries of South-East, along with Bhutan and India. About thirty five million people speak this language. The Nepalese language comes under the family of Indo-Aryan, Indo-European, Eastern Pahari, Indo-Iranian and Pahari languages. The writing script of Nepalese language is the same as Devanagri.

Due to the extensive array of languages spoken in the country of Nepal, the tourists often face difficulty in understanding the local language which somehow affects the trip. The citizens of Nepal are very proud of their language and speak only their mother tongue. Nepalese language is categorized as an Indo-Aryan Language and is the mother tongue of almost fifty percent of the population of Nepal and other half speak it as the second language. The Nepalese language is also termed with some other names such as Gurkhali and Parbatiya. The original name of Nepalese language is khaskura and was spoken by farmers who were established in the Karnali Bheri. In the present day it is spoken all the way through Nepal and in also some parts of India and Bhutan.


The kiranti language is another inseparable part of Nepalese language and is classified in two parts Rumdali and Bahing which is spoken by the people of Bahing living in Okhaldhunga. This is a very intricate language and often the tourists fail to understand its difficult words.


Another Indo- Aryan language which is a chief part of Nepalese languages is Maithili. It is actually a dialect of Hindi language. In the year 2003 Maithili was credited as the official language and so used in education syllabus.


It is suggested to learn the few basic words of Nepalese languages to make your tour to the Himalayan ranges convenient. There are many online schools teaching the basics of Nepalese language. You can also buy some good books to know the basic phrases and words. Some of them are— Introduction to Nepalese Language by Louis-Simon Roy and Prem Bahadur. Here are some examples of short sentences is Nepali.


“No in Nepalese language is hoina”, “Yes is ho”, “What is this? In Nepalese language is Yo ke ho?”, “How Much Is That? is Kati Ho?”, “Excuse me is Hajur”, “Water is Pani”, “How are you is Tapaai laai kasto chha?”, “Thank you in Nepalese language is Dhanyabaad” and “Hello/Goodbye in Nepalese language is Namasté”.



Learn nepalese language:

Nepalese learn is the main language of the kingdom of Nepal. It is spoken by all the people of Nepal and is considered the lingua franca of the languages of the Himalayas.


The Nepalese are very proud of their foreign language and learning are immersed in a unique and authentic. Few foreigners bother to Learn nepalese language and those who do are rewarded because the Nepalese are very happy with this effort. As long as you stay a while at the same place, you'll quickly the fame of the place if you speak Nepali. Passengers who traveled to Nepal are usually very envis to learn a little Nepali before returning to the country. To do so, we invite you to hang a few lessons from Nepalese Learn. To our knowledge, there is no method of Nepalese in french Learn from the lessons of Nepalese Learn to download. Traveled to Kathmandu, you can get a small french-Nepali dictionary. Your knowledge of Nepal will improve with time and interaction. For travelers wishing to go further in learning Nepali, we also suggest you go to Pokhara to receive language lessons by a teacher to both professional and with many Anees experience. Note that the courses are taught in English and in private. You can also a tprendre language courses Nepalese 2 or 3 for a very low price according to European standards (about 2 euros / courses / people). Cosmic Brontosaurus School is located at the end of the Lake Side Road, near the french restaurant Le Panomarix. Learn Nepalese school in Pokhara. Learn nepalese language in Nepal with a private teacher of Nepal. We suggest you do 4 lessons offered before leaving for Nepal. Then continue your learning with Prem, Professor of Pokhara. With this database you will come to Nepal with Nepal ahead of all travelers to this beautiful country of Indian continent.

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We offer the opportunity to receive lessons once visited Nepal in Pokhara. You can order now for a series of courses to suit your needs. Although most of the Nepalese have a basic knowledge of English, knowledge of Nepali is an aspect that should not be overlooked to enjoy your Travel to Nepal. is pleased to offer you the opportunity to take courses with a professor from Nepal with more than 8 of experience in teaching their mother tongue. Professor Narayan Lamichhane gives way in his shed in the area of Thamel. Very easy to find, you will enjoy a professional course to bring you an unforgettable journey to the four corners of Nepal. The meeting with the Nepalese people is largely in the exchange and the ability to interact directly with them.

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During 10 hours of Nepalese Learn: 70 euros
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During 100 hours of Nepali language: 500 euros

Learn Nepali in Pokhara with the school Brontosaurus Cosmic Language school. Nepal School is located on the Lake Street side, just next to the "Three sisters Gu. possible through Paypal Payment 50% of the costs. 50% in cash on site. Courses taught by a teacher and very passionate professional to help you make a different trip in Nepal.


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