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The best way to get to Nepal is surely by air. Beside people coming from India (that cross the border and come to Pokhara), most of the incoming travellers will get in Nepal by plane. The Nepal Airlines, the flagship airlines of the government of Nepal, provides transportation to Nepal from New Delhi, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Kuala Lampur, Dubai and Doha. Only KTM has international connection. There is a project underway to build a international airport in Pokhara but political issues postpone the project every year. There should be direct flights to Pokhara by 2016-2018.


Apart from national company, there are regular flights catered by a a few international careers. Jet Airways provides direct flights to Kathmandu from Mumbai and New Delhi. Air Arabia provides flights from Sharjah and Arkefly provides one flight a week from Amsterdam (about 800 - 900). Also, Pakistan International Airlines, Qatar Airways, Silk Air and Thai Airways provide direct flights from Karachi, Doha, Singapore and Bangkok respectively.


Majority careers like Jet Lite (which provides flights from New Delhi) and Indian Airlines (catering flights from New Delhi, Kolkata and Varanasi) make travel easier. But other national Airlines also have facilities to travel from places far and near like Bahrain, Dhaka, Lhasa and Chengdu. Regular flights are there between Kathmandu and Kunming, Hong Kong, Paro, Dhaka, Abu Dhabi and Seoul.


Even though airlines rate do have a varying trend due to the nature of the business, the travel cost to Nepal are generally low, as tourism is the largest Industry in Nepal and also garners the maximum revenue for the country.


The Tribhuvan International Airport at Kathmandu is one of the prominent airports of South Asia. The Nepal customs services are also lenient with tourists who comply by the rules of the government of Nepal.


The tourism business in Nepal is very old. Due to the magnificent Himalayan ranges, millions of tourists flock into the country. Though most tourists come here for the scenic beauty and the keen sense of adventure; a lot of them enjoy the fun of Hiking and other tour facilities available locally.


The domestic airlines of Nepal also provide special tours to view the various mountain ranges of the Himalayas – namely the Annapurna and the great Mount Everest. Airlines such as Yeti Airlines, Nepal Airlines, Buddha Air and Guna Airlines have special air – tours for this specific purpose.




Travel by road to Nepal is only permitted through the entry points the country shares with India and China. Also, for traveling by road, the proper vehicle permit is necessary along with all other necessary documents.


Even though traveling is an adventure on its own, tourists must book their travels by consulting the tourism department and look for road blocks or other disruptions that can spoil the whole experience. The Nepal Government encourages road travel and permits traveling via road through the Kakarbhitta, Bhairahawa, Nepalgunj, Birgunj, Dhangadi and Mahendra Nagar entry points shared with India and through the Kodari Entry point through China.




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