Visit Nepal 2011


In order to attract tourists from all over the world the Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation has come up with an ambitious plan “ Visit Nepal Tourism Year 2011”. The Ministry is very optimistic and believes that this kind of event will increase the number of tourists that arrive in the country and this in turn will lead to the generation of more jobs and eradicate poverty. Keeping the above in mind the Government of Nepal has already invested in a fund to build a new International Airport at Bara and at the same time it also has plans to improve and upgrade the existing domestic airports of the region. It is for this reason that the Government is now searching for new trekking routes and they are also looking for ways to invest in infrastructural development.


Nepal as a nation today depends upon tourism as the most important sector of the economy. This in turn will lead to the upliftment of the quality of life of the people. Tourism in the country is a social economical activity and in turn it touches the life of almost every citizen of Nepal.


Visit Nepal 2011 is a priority policy for the nation and it endeavors to uplift the quality of products and services that are offered to the tourists. It is believed that through these efforts Nepal will be able to improve its infrastructure and address the issues of environmental degradation. This in turn will help to get in a better quality of visitors and also preserve the cultural and the natural heritage of the people of the nation. During this theme Nepal will have many festivals that will showcase to the foreigners the products that they have on offer for business partnerships. They will also be focused on the excellence of service and reveal to the world the rich cultural heritage and natural resources that the nation has to offer.


The Visit Nepal 2011 theme will also help people explore the unique hospitality of the people of the nation along with their living heritage. The onus of this theme is to make the land a visitor’s destination and also develop and improve diverse eco-friendly and value based tourism to achieve specific objectives for development and improvement. The theme also targets to create and generate intense awareness of the benefits of tourism to ensure regional development in Nepal and provide an impetus to improve and develop infrastructure and effectively deal with environmental issues. In order to make Visit Nepal 2011 a success the government is striving to complete a lot of work in this regard to make the theme a success.


Visit Nepal 2011 will also focus on many environmental issues as the Government wants to position Nepal as a quality tourist destination. There will be a lot of activity focus in this regard in the form of promotions and international publicity. There also will be a lot of community support and involvement to make Visit Nepal 2011 as roaring success!




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