Elephant Back Riding (Chitwan National Park)


One of the adventure many travellers in Nepal want to experience is ridin an elephant in Chitwan Natioanl Park. The Chitwan National Park is the most famous and widely visited national park in Nepal today. It is a World Heritage Site and is the country’s first national park where you can see the Nepalese fauna and flora. It has a total area covering 932 sq. km. Every year there are many tourists that visit this world famous park in Nepal. Be aware that from may, the weather is very hot and humid in this region of Nepal so this period of the year is not the best to enjoy a ride on an elephant in this part of the country.


One of the most beautiful and thrilling adventure is the Elephant back Riding in Chitwan national Park. In fact riding the elephant will allow you to have an incredible perspectvie in the jungle as well as approaching animals usually scared by the presence of human. The Royal Chitwan National Park is one of the Asia's best national parks. This national park is well known for its wildlife and it is here that you can have the wonderful experience of an elephant back safari for viewing wild animals in their wild and natural habitat. If you're very lucky, you might enjoy the observation of the great tiger.


The Royal Chitwan National Park provides visitors and travelers the golden opportunity to explore and tour the rich Nepalese cultural tradition of the land. You can also view the typical life styles of villagers and have an excellent view of the flora and the fauna of the jungle along with the snow capped mountains. This experience is one of the most remarkable and most thrilling experiences in Nepal and this is the reason why many tourists and travelers love to tour this national park on the back of elephants.


In order to reach Chitwan you need to board a bus from Pokhara. If you start from Kathmandu, the nepalese capital, you'll have to make a 7 hours bus ride to Pokhara and take another bus to Chitwan. It's also possible to reach Chitwan by air which is far more expensive and quick. The elephant breeding center is a very good one and you can see the elephants together chained by the ankles. When riding the elephants through the jungle you are accompanied by a guide. The guide takes you to the notable places of interest and also gives you information on the area. If you have any questions the guide answers them and also gives you knowledge about how to handle your elephant too. You can also watch the elephants bathing in the river in the jungle. This look like more like a show for tourists but it's still impressing to see that.


The safari is a wonderful and thrilling experience and you can experience the sights and the sounds of wildlife. You can also see domestic elephants in the jungle too. This park also has unique eco-systems that are of international significance. The park also has a buffer zone that has lots of forests and private lands. The park and the local people join hands for the community development activities and they also manage the natural resources in the Park. The elephant back riding safari of the Park enables you to see this and at the same time get a real close up view of the natural habitat of the park too.


Thus, if you are planning a visit to Nepal, Chitwan national park should be a place that you must visit during your stay in this great Hiamalayan country. This park is one of the best natural habitats in the country and this is the reason why you should not miss the opportunity of exploring it on the back of an elephant. The experience is wonderful and thrilling and so you should never miss it when you and your family are there in Nepal!


In Pokhara, there are numerous travel agency that offer 3 days/2 nights to Chitwan for about 80$. You might just get in Pokhara and organise your elephant riding experience from there with the travel agency that suit your need the best.





















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