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Internet cafe in Pokhara:

Countless Internet café can be found at Pokhara. You will not get more than a few meters from your Guesthouse to find an Internet connection. In contrast to Kathmandu, you will be one between 3-30 RNP / minutes if you want to call with Skype and even if you already pay for Skype credit. It says this rate because of the poor quality of the bandwidth (Broadband) Internet connections Pokhara. So when you call via Skype, you use a lot of bandwidth and slow down (or so they say) the connection to others. This rate is very uniform in Pokhara. Other thing to note on Internet cafes Pokhara. If you leave the tourist areas, it is possible to find Internet cafe to the RNP 30 hours (instead of 100 ships called RNP). If you plan to stay several hours to search for tickets, this option can be very interesting. In terms of printing costs, the rate is about 10 per page RNP. If you print 50 pages, the price should drop to 6-7 RNP / page. Most computers have USB ports.

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