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View of Pokhara:

Geographically, Pokhara is situated in a valley (valley of Pokhara). But not far from the valley is a high point where you can have a beautiful view of Pokhara if the weather is clear. The name of this nice spot is Sarankhot. You may see Annapurna and all the high peaks of the region. Try to get there early morning. You will have an excellent view of the city and if you wish, you can reach the highest point in paying 25 RNP (about 0.25 Euro). Takes you to a promontory that allows you to have an overview of the city, lake Phew and Pokhara valley. If you make a trek back to Pokhara leaving Naya Pool, you will most likely to Saranghot. There are some lodges in the beautiful view. As against, from the view, there is no longer invited. If it is early enough you can make the long descent to Pokhara. A march of about 3:00-4:00 to go in the center of Pokhara. By against, at the end of the descent (1h-1h30) and when you are at Lake Phew, you will be able to cross a taxi that takes you to your destination. This alternative is especially useful if you arrive in the middle of the afternoon when the sun is strongest.

trek in Annapurna

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