Pokhara city


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Hotels in Pokhara:

Several hotels of all categories can be found in Pokhara. Along the main street (the one overlooking the lake - Lake side road), you will see many places where you can rent a room for prices ranging from 2 euros / night 40 euros / night.


Yeti Hotel: comfortable with hot water and electric system that works most of the time (which is not the case for most hotels in Pokhara). Located at the beginning of the lake Phewa.

Hotel Dharma Inn:

Nightingale Hotel: Newly renovated and opened its doors before the end of August 2009. A traveler has left things before leaving on the trek. Upon his return, his bag had been opened and it was stolen stuff. Notice to all!

Stay Well Guesthouse: 

Sweet Home Guesthouse: located just down the street LAKE SIDE, you will get a ticket dispensers in front.

Besides coffee CAFFE CONCERTO: Pizzeria restaurant, you will see a poster announcing a number of hotels and guesthouse - Hotel Fire on the mountain - snow leopard Hotel - Hotel Himalayan Star - Placid valley - Giri Guesthouse - Hotel Nirvana - Karma Guesthouse - Guesthouse Lonely -- Hotel Image - Hotel Himshikhar

Hotel Category Superior:

Hotel Trek-o-tel: Provides a single room to 22 U.S. per night.
Lake View Resort Hotel: category above Pokhara with lake view Phew. To reserve a room:



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