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Pokhara Restaurants:

Along the Lake Side Pokhara road, there are countless restaurants of all categories. You will also try to leave this street traffic to discover small local restaurants are often very good and even cheaper. You can have an excellent meal for about 1.5-2.5 euros. If you add a local beer with your meal, you should have it all for 5 euros per person.


- Located directly opposite the Hotel Nightingale on the street and next to the Nepal Trekking Peaks Gear, a small restaurant run by a family very nice waiting for you. The restaurant is called FRIENDSHIP RESTAURANT but the name does not appear on the cover. It offers breakfast with eggs, toast and ham (bacon) for approximately 100-150 RNP. The menu is quite impressive. It offers snacks, soups, Italian food, Mexican Indian, Chinese, Japanese and more. Price in 2009: Everest Beer approximately 140 RNP, Spaghetti with tomato sauce and cheese to 110 RNP. A delicious meal prepared by the family. An excellent way to encourage the local economy.

- Chinese Restaurant: You will eat very well for a price once again very very interesting (if a bit more). As is the tradition of Chinese restaurants when you order, you provide the tea. It eats very well. The restaurant is very easy to find. It is located on the main street (Lake Side Road), up to the top of the lake. This Chinese restaurant Pokhara is situated on the corner of the street giving the Yeti hotel. The place offers a very hygienic food. In the opposite corner, we find an Internet café and next to the restaurant, another Internet café. The owner of a Chinese restaurant is very nice in Beijing speak English. The servers are also very kind.

- Punjabi Restaurant: Vegetarian restaurant where you can make a feast by ordering many dishes for 5 people. We ate delicious meals in addition to sharing a bottle of wine. Total: 19800 NPR (20 euros). What a nice surprise.

- Busy Bee: nice place to go for an evening drink. A group came to play at 20h00pm every evening. For Nepal, the place is still expensive, but nothing to do with European standards. So you can enjoy a very pleasant evening for about less than 10 euros. This is a must to spend an evening.

- Small restaurant at the end of the Lake Side, just before turning. BRP MULTI HOME. A small place with a terrace with one table at the front and a small Internet café with 5 computers. You can find the other side of the street center Yoga. You can contact the owner in English tamurk@gmail.com. You can rent a bike or have a magnificent view of the lake by going to the rear. A charming small place but easy to miss if you do not pay attention.

- A little further, you find another restaurant with a pretty spectacular view. Name: My favorite. To contact the owner (in English), myfavourite2009@gmail.com, ramzee1976@gmail.com. This is where you can be closest to the lake while sitting on a terrace. In the middle afternoon, the heat can be very intense.

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