Pokhara city


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Activities to do in and near Pokhara:

- Para-slope (paragliding) in the hills surrounding the city ($ 90 per jump). Paragliding agencies are located down the street Lake Side Road. Read also “
paraglidding in Nepal
- Tour helicopter or plane to the major peaks (Annapurna,
Machhapuchhre and others)
- Hiring a boat on Lake Phew


- Walk along the road to Lake Side Pokhara
- Sip a cocktail on a terrace at dusk with a lake view Phew.
- Get up early to see the city awaken.
- Watch the stars on the roof of your hotel during power cuts.
- Go visit the Peace Pagoda
- Make a one-hour flight to Annapurna.


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Motorcycle Club in Pokhara:
www.heartsandtears.com - can be found in the heart of the bar Busy Bee. You can learn to ride a motorcycle, rent a bike (excellent idea) and sell / buy a motorcycle. Read also “
Hiring a motorbike in Nepal


trek in Annapurna

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